TITLE: BITING THE DUST CHARACTERS: JANE & LARRY AUTHOR: DANNY PROLOGUE Story begins with Jane, a successful and hardworking legal practitioner in Lagos whoโ€™s struggled to keep a man over the years. But then she finds Larry who is everything she desired in a man. A man who saw her even in her disguise. SHORT … Continue reading BITING THE DUST


Decades ago, a lady had just bagged her bachelors degree in economics with honours. Months later, she begun to apply for jobs with her qualification. The response was as tardy as a sloth. She applied for a thousand but barely got a feedback. Suddenly, the once cheerful promising graduate had become droopy. She went from … Continue reading DEJA VU [EPISODE THREE]


And then there was Amanda. Ohh such a ravishing deity. Our hearts beat alike. Amanda promised she was never gonna leave cause she always thought we were made for each other. I thought the same, though misinterpreted. Amanda was only going to see me for a brother. The boys called it "The Zone" We've all … Continue reading DEJA VU [EPISODE TWO]


It was summer and graduation stared us in the face. We were saying our beddy byes to college. A dark night brightened by loud laughs and cherished memories savoured by the family. Anyone who saw us that night would have seen five friends drained in happiness. There was only five but me. I had been … Continue reading DEJA VU


SHATTERED DREAMS John is a 12year old boy who loves to play football. He's a fan of Liverpool FC of England and Steven Gerrard is his idol. He has always dreamt of playing at the famous Anfield Stadium in Liverpool. John lives with his parents who wants him to be a medical doctor. John comes … Continue reading A CHILD’S SHATTERED DREAMS


A CRY FOR ATTENTION The main character here is Lola who is just 8years old. She has been going through a lot at school and she had always wanted to talk to her parents about it but they just never had time. Coming back from school looking drained. She walks into the living room and … Continue reading A CHILD’S CRY


The neighbours rushing in and screaming on top of their voices for more hands to stop the burning flames in the house of Udoka. Ifeoma was so weak she couldn't call for help any longer. It took some hours for the fire to be stopped by the neighbours but it was too late cause the … Continue reading THE STRUGGLES OF IFEOMA (FINALE)


So days went by and Ifeoma at this time was strong enough to walk on her feet. Back home, Ada was pleased not to have seen Ifeoma for days thinking her mission was well executed by Uzor and Ebuka so she was happy. 'Maybe Ifeoma must have felt so bad and ashamed and then she … Continue reading THE STRUGGLES OF IFEOMA (PART 3)


So the much anticipated evil day planned by Ada came. She had told the men when and where Ifeoma would be vulnerable. Then Ada sent Ifeoma to get dry woods for fire from the woods with a smile and delight in her voice and facial expression which was unlike Ada. Ifeoma suspected something was off … Continue reading THE STRUGGLES OF IFEOMA (PART 2)


There lived a beautiful girl in a small town in the east. She was indeed every man's dream in the town. Ifeoma was loved by everyone because she was a caring and loving soul to many especially the kids who referred to her as 'the sweetest' She had a brother Obinna and an elder sister … Continue reading THE STRUGGLES OF IFEOMA