TITLE: BITING THE DUST CHARACTERS: JANE & LARRY AUTHOR: DANNY PROLOGUE Story begins with Jane, a successful and hardworking legal practitioner in Lagos whoโ€™s struggled to keep a man over the years. But then she finds Larry who is everything she desired in a man. A man who saw her even in her disguise. SHORT … Continue reading BITING THE DUST


Decades ago, a lady had just bagged her bachelors degree in economics with honours. Months later, she begun to apply for jobs with her qualification. The response was as tardy as a sloth. She applied for a thousand but barely got a feedback. Suddenly, the once cheerful promising graduate had become droopy. She went from … Continue reading DEJA VU [EPISODE THREE]


And then there was Amanda. Ohh such a ravishing deity. Our hearts beat alike. Amanda promised she was never gonna leave cause she always thought we were made for each other. I thought the same, though misinterpreted. Amanda was only going to see me for a brother. The boys called it "The Zone" We've all … Continue reading DEJA VU [EPISODE TWO]


It was summer and graduation stared us in the face. We were saying our beddy byes to college. A dark night brightened by loud laughs and cherished memories savoured by the family. Anyone who saw us that night would have seen five friends drained in happiness. There was only five but me. I had been … Continue reading DEJA VU


JUVENILE DETENTION CENTER Bayo's visitor had arrived. His grandfather had promised to bring him feedback about barrister Bode who was going to defend Bayo in juvenile court. This was going to decide his fate. Whether or not he was going to remain in detention was tied to this day. So the guard walked him to … Continue reading THE ORPHAN (SEASON FINALE)


Deji's mum slowly walked down the stairs in the basement approaching the trio who were in complete dread of what's to come. They kept staring and shrugging puzzled on what to do at this point. Deji's mum finally got down to where the trio stood in front of the body. They aligned to stop her … Continue reading THE ORPHAN (EPISODE 17)


AFTER SCHOOL HOURS. Bisi and Eva had succeeded in kicking out Mr Biodun from Preston High. The duo certainly knew how to catch a rat. Bisi had agreed to tell Eva her secret if they succeeded. So they walked into the woods where Bisi had promised to show her bestie something. Apparently, Bisi wanted to … Continue reading THE ORPHAN (EPISODE 16)


The next day, Bisi stormed into the class looking really upset that morning. She had thought all through the night about how to get Bayo out of detention. She had only one target on her mind. Deji. So she went straight to his seat. "You lying bastard! How could you even live with yourself? How … Continue reading THE ORPHAN (EPISODE 15)


A FLASHBACK Some days back, I went into the woods to go get a specific set of plants and woods to make herbs as usual. When I got there, I took off my brown silky bag wrapped around my waistline where I did store the herbal plants. I had my sharpened cutlass in my right … Continue reading THE ORPHAN (EPISODE 14)


STILL AT JUVENILE DETENTION CENTRE Bayo had narrated the whole story to his grandfather. He resulted to telling the truth eventually because that was the only way he was ever going to get help. Revealing his big secret was his only shot at freedom. "So that's the truth grandpa. Now you know why I'm here." … Continue reading THE ORPHAN (EPISODE 13)