Did Our Parents Have It Rough?

"We lost our values in transit..."

Does Body Count Matter?

"I can't marry her because she has so many body counts."

Why We Shouldn’t Be Entrepreneurs

...don't chase another man's dream, chase mine...


A man is not judged by his failures but his succeses. The acceptance of a man's opinion is tied to his relevance even though his opinion is his relevance. A man's word means nought without results. His journey is discountenanced when there is no arrival. A man's risk is not thoughtful when there are no … Continue reading THE WORLD’S APPROVAL


Today, the world is spiraling over the incessant debate on Feminism and how women should and should not be treated. The elite of these women have taken the Feminism movement as priority, charging and fostering the recognition, awareness and empowerment of women across the world. They have become the voice of women across the world … Continue reading WHY WE SHOULD NOT BE FEMINISTS


Over the years, Society  has made us believe that being married is the zenith of any “human.” Well, mostly, I believe the word now is “women.” The notion, especially in these parts is, as a woman, you should be married before you hit 30. Well, these days, 25 seems to be the benchmark. The success of … Continue reading MARRIAGE AS THE PINNACLE