So the much anticipated evil day planned by Ada came. She had told the men when and where Ifeoma would be vulnerable. Then Ada sent Ifeoma to get dry woods for fire from the woods with a smile and delight in her voice and facial expression which was unlike Ada. Ifeoma suspected something was off but she decided to play along saying ‘maybe my sister has changed and turned a new live’ so she obeyed her elder sister and headed for the woods. Ada was pleased in her heart ‘after this no man would find you beautiful anymore’ she said as Ifeoma left for the woods.

When Ifeoma got to the woods as instructed by Ada, she started to cut dry woods for fire. Meanwhile, two men (Uzor and Ebuka) watched her from the bushes. These men were able bodied men who Ada had employed to rape Ifeoma. Ifeoma was joyful cutting the dry woods into smaller sizes, when she was grabbed by the belly from behind by these men as she screamed for help shouting on top of her voice ‘somebody help me please!!!’ but no one came to her aid at that point. She struggled with the men but she was over-powered and out-numbered by the men who put her to the ground and punched her in the head and Ifeoma was out cold.

At this point, Ifeoma was completely unconscious of her environment. As Uzor and Ebuka tried to penetrate through forcefully, suddenly, a man screamed on top of his voice ‘Leave her alone!!!’ he said loudly. Immediately, the men turned back to see who had spoken with such confidence and fearlessness in his voice. When they turned, they suddenly became apprehensive because the man who had screamed was their master the one who pays their salaries. In shame they said ‘Oh master we’re sorry…it’s not what you think’ they had fallen short of words. Their master was in shock and couldn’t believe what his eyes had seen. ‘Leave immediately and never you come back’ their master said. Uzor and Ebuka ran away like antelopes being chased by a hungry lion.

Immediately, the man rushed to the spot where Ifeoma was still out cold on the ground. He quickly tried to resuscitate her so she could regain consciousness. With compassion in his voice and facial expression ‘wake up please my princess’ he said but all to no avail. Then he carried her in his arms and took her to his house. When he got to the gate of his house, he was aided by his servants who took Ifeoma into the bedroom where she could lie down. Then the master ordered his servants to get him warm clothes and prepare a nice meal for their guest. He placed the warm clothes on her forehead and subtly touched other sides of her head and placed her head gently on the soft pillow so she could get some good rest.

Then she woke up some hours later, slowly opened her eyes, looked around not recognizing where she was then she asked ‘where am I?’ Although she did not recognize where she was but she loved where she was because it was a place for the rich. She smiled ‘this is luxury this must be a dream I certainly don’t want to wake up from. The bed is cozy and soft unlike my wooden bed at home…’ Ifeoma said in happiness. She was carried away by the luxury she was seeing contemplating whether this was real or not. She said again ‘where is this place?’ Then a man walked in and said ‘be not frightened my princess for you are in safe hands’ and in amazement Ifeoma said ‘so we meet again…’ It was Chinedu the man who she met in the woods some days back and couldn’t stop talking about him all day. The richest cocoa farmer in the land. Chinedu had saved Ifeoma from the evil plot of Ada…[To be continued]

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