There lived a beautiful girl in a small town in the east. She was indeed every man’s dream in the town. Ifeoma was loved by everyone because she was a caring and loving soul to many especially the kids who referred to her as ‘the sweetest’ She had a brother Obinna and an elder sister Ada who was fierce and very cruel to Ifeoma because she was more beautiful and admired by the men in the town. Ifeoma lost her dad when she was just three and ever since then her mother Ngozi has been the breadwinner of the family.

One morning, ifeoma went to the stream to get water for her mother. On her way back, she saw a handsome young man in the woods who was a cocoa farmer harvesting his cocoa in his farm. She smiled at him ‘good morning to you’ she said to him. Then he replied with the same gesture as her and said ‘morning sunshine and I’m indeed pleased to have graced such beauty this morning. My name is Chinedu the richest cocoa farmer in the land. To whom do I have the honour of speaking to?’ he asked. At this time, Ifeoma was already swept off her feet by his words and she said ‘Ifeoma at your service the daughter of late chief Udoka’ Chinedu was pleased in his heart as she walked away smiling like she had just won a lottery as his words kept ringing in her head.

When Ifeoma got home, she was so excited about Chinedu that she narrated her encounter with him to her sister Ada who was always jealous of her. Ada was filled with even more rage for her sister because she always had the men to herself. In her excitement, Ifeoma told her mother who was a trader in the town’s market. ‘I may have finally found the man of my dreams and the one who will offer us a better life’ Ifeoma said to Ngozi. Ngozi was happy for her daughter.

Meanwhile, Ada was still full of rage for her sister and she plotted evil in her heart for his sister. ‘I will make sure no man sees her beautiful anymore’ Ada said. So she went into the town and summoned men who were notable for indecent dealings. Ada’s jealousy had gone out of control at this time. She said to the men ‘take away her worth’ as she promised them valuables after the task is done. ‘Be sure it’s done’ the men answered. Ada was happy as she walked back home. She had arranged for Ifeoma to be raped… To be continued

This is Danny world’s first ever fiction story and it’s in series. ‘The struggles of Ifeoma’ is a story you want to read and learn from. Find out in the next series if Ada’s evil plot came to fission or not.

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