The Wild Goose

I found myself berating these walls loudly harkening to the voices in my head. So I took out my palette and painted these walls, turns out, I muraled my thoughts. Titled, "The Wild Goose." Enjoy!   Between these hollering walls, I still miss your voice So I pick up the phone Put a call through … Continue reading The Wild Goose


Another wonderful read from the β€œIn My Feelings” series. Titled β€œFeel.” Read away!   All I wanna do is feel Feel, because feeling is human Feel, not because I'm a woman Feel, because I'm human Feel, even when it's not fulfilling Feel my solace in the crowd Feel my quiet in the voices Feel the … Continue reading IN MY FEELINGS II


An elegy to my grandma. A woman of virtue, dedication and overwhelming love. Read away!   Dear grandma, you left without saying goodbye I can't explain the hurt All I see is my heart bleeding Wishing I could wake up from this nightmare Only to realize I woke up to this nightmare   Dear grandma, … Continue reading DEAR GRANDMA


New poem from an extremely talented young writer on Danny world. Titled "Breathe" Read away!   I hope that you are humble I hope that you are selfless, that you place others before yourself I hope that you give more of yourself than you give of your possessions I hope that you live to serve … Continue reading BREATHE