They say as our faces are different so are our problems in life. You only think you have the biggest problem cause you haven’t heard or seen another person’s problem. We all think differently and we all are faced with different challenges some bigger than the other. The truth is, not until you see death you may never appreciate life. Not until you’ve visited Namibia, you would always think Nigeria was the worst country in the world. Everyday, people go through tough challenges which is not based on how they look or how you see them. A fine face doesn’t stop troubles from hitting you so is the other man who doesn’t have such a fine and welcoming face. Your face doesn’t stop challenges from coming to your face but what we do about them. A person might smile and laugh with everyone he sees on the street looking very cheerful and may be going through hell in his life which you could never imagine cause he smiles often so what could be wrong in his life? His life should be perfect. It always looks perfect from the outside but the heat is always felt on the inside. Question is have you gotten close enough to know that person?

The truth is, we never know what is wrong with that person until you go close to him or her. A cheerful face doesn’t mean a happy life. Maybe being cheerful was the only way he could deal with the challenges in his life and so he doesn’t talk about them. Perhaps if you would just get close to him to hear him out then you would realize your challenges are little compared to his. Ever wondered why they say ‘the rich also cry’ it’s because they actually do. You would ask why would someone be rich and still cry? Then what is the essence of being rich if I’m still gonna cry like the poor man? The truth is, both cry but for different reasons. Now a rich man might cry because his business is going down drastically but a poor man would cry cause he hasn’t eaten in the last 3days. Now to the rich man no challenge could be worse at that point but perhaps if he heard the cry of the poor man he would have stopped crying.

Your challenge is not the worst in the world it’s just one of the challenges other people have gone through which means you also can go through it. If we were given the power to hear people’s thoughts maybe the world would have been better but at the same time messed up cause in the wrong hands it could be used as a weapon for evil. Every challenge we pass through in life has been seen before and people have also had victory. It’s only happening to you cause there is always an end result. Question is what kind of result? The result we want to see in our challenges depends on how we see them. The reason is, how we see them determines how we go about them and that leads to the end result. People have gone through worse so that should motivate you to go through it. It’s a challenge go through it not with it. I would always say if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it. There are always positives to take from challenges. Lessons are always learnt and makes us equipped for the next phase of our lives. Like I said don’t go with the challenge go through it. This is Danny world…


  1. Nice piece bro,really learnt a lot from this and sincerely it gives me courage and hope…More ink to your pen.


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