John is a 12year old boy who loves to play football. He’s a fan of Liverpool FC of England and Steven Gerrard is his idol. He has always dreamt of playing at the famous Anfield Stadium in Liverpool. John lives with his parents who wants him to be a medical doctor. John comes back from school and he takes his ball outside to play with some friends.
Scene 1
John’s friends: Come on John, let’s go play.
John: (Excited) Yes let’s go guys. But first let me tell my mom. (So he runs back in to tell his mom he was going to play football) Mom I want to go play football with my friends.
John’s mom: Play football? But you just came from school not too long ago and you’ve not even had your lunch neither have you done your homework.
John: I will do that when I come back ma. (Appealing) just let me go please. You know what football means to me?
John’s mother: (Shaking her head) Sorry boy, you aint going anywhere today. Go to your room and get your homework done now!!! (Fierce looking)
John: (Disappointed he goes back to his room in tears watching his friends play football outside)

John’s mother narrated the whole story to the father who promised to talk to John about it. So the father went to John’s room.
Scene 2
John’s father: Why do you want to play football?
John- Dad I love football so much. I want to be like Steven Gerrard someday. Football means a whole lot to me. Please Dad let me do this.
John’s father: (Smiled) Hmm but you know school is the most important thing now and you must be a medical doctor. I want you to be educated and instead of Steven Gerrard while not be like Ben Carson.
John: But Dad I don’t want to be like Ben Carson cause being a doctor was his passion so why can’t I follow mine? I don’t want to be a doctor I want to be a footballer. (Sobbing)
John’s father: (Smiled at his smart answer) It’s not about what you want but what I want as your father cause I know what’s best for you and football is not an option at all.
John: But Dad…. (Cut short by his father)
John’s father: (Shouting) But nothing!!! This is the last time we’re gonna talk about this. You’re not playing football and that’s final!!! You must be a doctor!

Epilogue: Today, John is struggling with his studies as a medical student as he has always tried to always please his parents.

This is what children of our time face in the hands of parents as their talents and dreams are shattered simply because of the ‘so called’ education which the kids never love. So they keep struggling with something they don’t have passion for rather than pursuing their dreams. Why do I keep studying something I don’t have passion for? When I could use my talent to make a change. It’s a cry for something a cry for talent.

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