Story begins with Jane, a successful and hardworking legal practitioner in Lagos who’s struggled to keep a man over the years. But then she finds Larry who is everything she desired in a man. A man who saw her even in her disguise.


It was Friday. Jane had just got back from work that evening.

“…An exhausting week…” She said whilst tussling with taking off her heels.

She was so tired she could sleep in her work clothes. So she falls right on her face on her cozy bed. Down the middle she goes with her arms wide open ready to dream away.

Suddenly, her phone rings. Gutted, she sluggishly reaches for her phone in her bag. She takes an eerie look at the unidentified number.

“Who could this be?” She queried indignantly.

Finally, she swiped right.

“Hello?!” She yelled at the caller who’d just ruined her nap time.

“Hey Jane.” The caller said.

All of a sudden, Jane was oddly calm. She could recognize that husky smooth voice even from a mile away. Instantly, she was filled with guilt for some weird reason.

“I’m sorry Larry. I’m so sorry. I know you must be livid.” Jane sighed.

“You’re always sorry, Jane. You said this a month ago and the month before that. How much lies can my heart take?” Larry asked rhetorically.

“I swear it’s not intentional my love. I’ve been really swamped with work. You know how it is in this city…” Interjected by Larry.

“…I am your fiancé, Jane! How do you go a whole month without calling the one you claim you love?! And every time I call, you either text you’re busy or blatantly ignore my calls. That’s why I’d to use another another number.”

The two would go back and forth for another five minutes. The argument was becoming incessant.

“…Tell me the truth, Jane. Is there someone else?”

“What?! Hell no!” Jane exclaimed.

She seemed disappointed he’d question her loyalty. But she swallowed her opinion considering it was only going to fuel the furor.

“You know I only have eyes for you.” Jane assured.

Larry sighed.

“Well, you sure do have a very nice way of showing it.” Larry said sarcastically.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time they’d be having this conversation. Clearly, Larry was fed up.

“This is not working. I’m done.” He said to her dismay.

“No Larry! I can fix it. I promise…I’ll do right by you…” Jane stuttered.

“Goodbye Jane.” Larry hung up abruptly.

“Larry! Larry!” Jane screamed his name in distraught.

Her three-year relationship was over in a flash. And her heart bleeding from the hurt…



This is how God sees us. We are in a relationship with him and he expects as little as communication from us. But like Jane, we are too busy to pick up the phone. And like Larry, every day, he’s constantly trying to reach out to us.

He wants us to listen even for a minute but we are so carried away with our engagements we relegate him to the sidelines.

With us, it always seems like he’s biting the dust. But unlike John, he never quits on us. God’s love for us is unconditional and he desires we grow with him….

This is Danny world…

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