It was summer and graduation stared us in the face. We were saying our beddy byes to college. A dark night brightened by loud laughs and cherished memories savoured by the family. Anyone who saw us that night would have seen five friends drained in happiness.

There was only five but me. I had been taken to a planet called “oblivion” locked like the prison bars. Suddenly, came deja vu and I felt I was living my past. Then, it occurred to me that I had been here some years ago. Josh’s room was cold that night.

The boys talked about the girls they had. The girls they wished they had. The girls will never have. The ones they kissed. The ones they could only kiss in their dreams. The blondes. The red-haired. The skinny. The plumb.

And the big ones. The club girls. The church girls. The nerds. And the money spenders. The girls with the biggest balloons. The girls with the smallest ones. The girls with the biggest butts. And the girls with the sleekest figures. Again, came deja vu.

Josh could only reminisce his short spell with Sheila who cheated on him with Kevin, his best friend at the time. Josh, suddenly, became waspish just thinking about it. It was like the clouds full of rain. Sheila, was always gonna remain his first love. Nathan on the other hand, couldn’t help but shed a tear envisaging he may just be using clutches for the rest of his life.

His accident in second year saw him fracture his knee cap. Steven, took the boys back to first year. He lost his mom to cancer which saw him make the best grades in college cause it was his promise to her on her dying bed. Andy was the joker of the pack. He could only think of Rachel, his date, who stood him up at the dinner party. Again, came deja vu.

The boys talked about the professors. The bald ones. The bearded ones. The perverts who always hated the guys for no reason. The preachers. The smart ones. The dumb ones who we couldn’t wrap our heads around how they made it through the fore walls.

The crazy ones. The strict ones who never gave an “A”. The malicious ones who always wanted us to repeat his course. The corrupt ones who would only take the bucks from the guys or touch the holy grail of the ladies. The clowns. The hot ones especially Miss Annie the business professor, who the boys could only describe as a million bucks.

I still couldn’t hide my limerence for her and so did the boys. I remember while in her class, I would fantasize about her long curly dark hair, her shiny flawless light skin which I was thought was softer than my pillow and her sleek body designed only by the gods. Miss Annie was every boy’s dream. Again, came deja vu.

The night got even colder. The boys kept the circle and the convo. Again, the scenery was familiar. Then, the moment we couldn’t ignore walked in. Nathan popped the big question.

“Are we ever gonna see us again? Are we gonna remain a family even after college?” he queried.

Suddenly, Josh’s room had become a grave. The dictionary had lost her words.

They chattered and stuttered at this point unsure about the future. Frankly, even I, was scared. So were the boys. Then Steven said.

“Of course!” he shouted.

Even his head couldn’t affirm those words. Then Josh voiced.

“Come on guys. What are we talking about? We’re bros for life!” he yelled.

Even a blind man could clearly see the doubt in his eyes.

At that point, I realised why the scenery seemed retrospective. Matt said we were bros for life back in elementary school. Today, even the GPS can’t track him. Oh I remember Linda from summer school, too. She said.

“Nothing was ever going to separate us.”

Today, even the dictionary can’t find the right words for separation.

Then I thought about the words of Theo back in high school. Theo said.

“We are gonna grow old together as brothers.” he assured.

Ironically, we’ve been growing apart since then.

And then there was Amanda. Ohh such a ravishing deity. Our hearts beat alike. Amanda promised she was never gonna leave cause she always thought we were made for each other….[To Be Continued]


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