The main character here is Lola who is just 8years old. She has been going through a lot at school and she had always wanted to talk to her parents about it but they just never had time. Coming back from school looking drained. She walks into the living room and sees her dad.
Scene 1
Lola: Good afternoon Dad
Dad: Oh sweetie how are you? How was school?
Lola: (Mumbling) school is not fine dad…
Dad: (Interested) What is the problem my child?
Lola: (Sobbing)
Dad: (Phone rings) Hello sir, ok I’m on my way sir. Sorry Lola but it’s work I have to go we’ll talk about this later. (Hurriedly runs out)
Lola: (Disappointed she walks slowly to her room) nobody cares!

Scene 2
So Lola was so sad she decided to go meet her mum who is a fashion designer. Lola walks in
Lola: Mum good afternoon.
Mum: (Making a dress) oh my child how are you? You’re back. How was school today?
Lola: Mum school is fine but there is something I want to tell you.
Mum: (Hurriedly) Please whatever you want to tell me can wait I’m very busy now as you can see. I have to finish this dress today.
Lola: (Sad) but mom this is important…
Mum: (Shouting) I said I’m not interested at the moment it can wait!!! You know what just go to your room!
Lola: (Walked out in tears speaking aloud) I only needed to talk to someone but no one wants to listen to me….

(Loud Voice behind the scene)- Lola’s parents never got to know that their daughter was sexually harassed by her maths teacher in school and this has been going on for two weeks. All little Lola needed was attention but she never got it. This is what kids go through every single day seeking for love and attention from their parents who are just too busy for their kids….

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