Decades ago, a lady had just bagged her bachelors degree in economics with honours. Months later, she begun to apply for jobs with her qualification.

The response was as tardy as a sloth. She applied for a thousand but barely got a feedback. Suddenly, the once cheerful promising graduate had become droopy.

She went from one interview to the next. She sat for one aptitude test to the other. Companies only hired those with two extra legs and hands. They hired those who had a cash reservoir. Some got the job using their “holy grail” as the ladies would say.

They called it “The Real World” where things are never as they seem. A world where the back door is encouraged. A world where brains didn’t cut it no more. A world where companies request for outrageous decades of experience when recruiting for a 22-year old graduate. I believe “Outlandish” is the word you’re looking for.

Suddenly, a lady who graduated with honours didn’t meet the company’s requirement. Twice, she was turned down because the company thought they couldn’t afford her services. Only, it was just an excuse to hire the boss’ niece. She got frustrated with the job haunt and decided end the search.

Today, she’s a wholesale trader happily married with three kids who are doing very well for themselves. She is my mother. Mom always said education was key but it wasn’t the key to unlock true success.

Uncle David wanted to become an engineer. Today, he’s a successful investment banker. Aunt Sylvia wanted to become a neurosurgeon. Today, she’s a top real estate agent.

Cousin Edward graduated top of his class at law school. Today, he’s a top executive at one of the biggest health care foundations that helps children with fatal diseases all over the world. In a flash, his passion had changed from the court to humanitarian service.

Now I’m thinking to myself, these guys had dreams but they never achieved their dreams. They achieved a reality they could never have imagined. Aunt Sylvia never thought she’d be in real estate neither did uncle David ever thought of investment banking. So what then are dreams? Are they just aspirations?

At that moment, Josh’s question popped up again.

“What’s next?”

So I replied,

“I have no idea what’s next for me guys.” I said to their bewilderment.

They couldn’t wrap their heads around why the kid with the biggest dreams in college no longer knew his future. The kid who always voiced, that dreams come through. The kid who was so certain about his prospects. Today, that kid isn’t so sure anymore. There was only one question on everyone’s mind,

“What changed?”

“How do you mean, Mike?” Nathan asked, shocked.

“ do you mean?” the rest of the boys queried rather curiously.

“It’s not about what we see but what we become. It’s not about the dreams but what we do with reality. Y’all have voiced how you expect your future to play out but forget you don’t own the controller. It’s okay to have a plan but we must understand that even when it doesn’t go our way, we’ll exploit whatever opportunity life throws at us and ensure we make the best out of it. Fact is, it may not always go your way. Plans will remain plans until they are achieved. So why talk about plans when you should be having results? In the end, the world only wants to see results.” I said to the boys.

Right there, I could see the thoughts in their heads. They became gravy wearing their thoughtful caps.

“…So you’re saying dreams don’t come through?” Andy asked, puzzled.

“Dreams do come through but they are only aspirations that propel an inspiration for a reality not reality itself. It is what we do with reality that makes us not dreams.” I replied.

At this time, they wondered if I had an encounter with king Solomon. I could see a score of questions jambling in their heads. I figured I had to elucidate further.


“Yeah? Mike.” Josh answered.

“Your mom is a teacher today, it’s not a result of her dreams but a reality she’s making the best out of. She probably saw herself being famous and driving fast cars but look at her today. She’s a great teacher impacting not just knowledge but a source of motivation to those kids at school. It may not have been her dream but she’s savouring every moment of her reality.” I elucidated.

Josh nodded. He could now see the picture clearer.


“Yeah? Mike.” Nathan replied.

“You once told me that your dad wanted you to have your college studies in England cause he wanted you to have the best of education, right?” I asked.

“Yeah…he always fancied Oxford.” Nathan added.

“Today, you never went to England but you turned out great. Maybe not the best education but you’re not where you were yesterday. Ultimately, your father is very much proud of you and how you turned out.” I ended saying.

Nathan knew I had struck a thought.

“And Andy?”

“Yeah bro.” Andy answered.

“You once told me you wanted to be a pilot just like your dad. You always talked about how you would fantasize flying planes in and out of the clouds. Right?” I asked again.

“True, Mike. But that was a long time ago.” Andy said.

“Indeed. Today, you wanna do show business. Question is, what changed?”

Andy had no answers even though it was a rhetorical question.

“Yesterday, you wanted chocolates. Today, you want a hamburger. Tomorrow, you might want something else. It doesn’t make you a failure, you just found something else that makes you happy.” I ended.

Again, Andy could connect the dots.



“Your mom wanted you to go to law school. But she also would have loved to see you go to law school. She would have loved to see her only son graduate from law school and show to the world how proud a mother she was. Today, she’s not here to see you go to law school but you’re still standing. I know she’s proud of you even in death cause you turned out great and there is still more to be achieved.” I ended.

Steven could only shed a tear reminiscing his mom.

“I would give anything to see her one last time…” Steven sobbed.

The boys could only pacify him.

“In the end guys, people come and go. There are ups and downs. Dreams, sometimes tend to differ from reality. Those we love don’t love us back. Friends become enemies. Life toss us back and forth. Truth is, we’re always gonna get better cause everything is learning and learning is everything. Don’t be scared to fail, be scared not to learn. I love you guys so much and I know we’re gonna make it. We’ll look back at this day and smile.” I ended saying.

“Thanks Mike.” the boys said unanimously.

We all held our hands firmly.

“And boys, let’s not forget…”

“Our lives are in the hand of God!” we all voiced in laughter. [The End].

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