The neighbours rushing in and screaming on top of their voices for more hands to stop the burning flames in the house of Udoka. Ifeoma was so weak she couldn’t call for help any longer. It took some hours for the fire to be stopped by the neighbours but it was too late cause the damage had already been done. Ifeoma’s whole body were burnt. She was rushed to the nearest town hospital for proper treatment. This time, Ada’s diabolical plans came to pass as she had succeeded in ruining her sister’s physical looks. ‘Now let’s see how Chinedu will still love her after this’ Ada said [Laughing]. At this time, news had reached Ngozi at the farm about the current situation of her daughter and her house which was in total shreds. She rushed down to the hospital.

One of the neighbours said she saw Ada running out of the fire scene and confessed that to her mother. Ngozi [Sobbing] said ‘The gods should not take Ifeoma away from me just like Udoka’ as Obinna was sent to go call Chinedu and inform him about the current state of Ifeoma. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Ifeoma was badly burnt by the fire which brought down the whole house as she was in a state of coma. The doctors carried out a lot of test on her and came to a conclusion that Ifeoma had suffered ‘First Degree Burns’ which was an extremely critical condition one never survives from. Ngozi cried out and asked for the gods to have mercy on her daughter as Ifeoma was lying hopelessly on the bed. Ada was nowhere to be found as everyone were on the look out for her to be brought to justice

Chinedu rushed down to the hospital as soon as he got the news. Her face was so badly burnt that he couldn’t even recognize the woman he had fallen in love with. ‘You may have been damaged physically but the beauty on the inside is what even makes me love you even more’ Chinedu said. Ngozi couldn’t keep her emotions in and she couldn’t help but cry about her daughter and the chances of her surviving. The doctors said that it was going to be a daunting task for Ifeoma to come back from this one. Then suddenly, Ifeoma opened her eyes slowly and called Chinedu who held her burnt hands hurriedly. ‘Please take care of my mother and my brother. For Ada, let the gods be the judge over her for I have no right to condemn her. I love you Chinedu and someday we’ll meet again like you would always say’ Ifeoma said [Speaking Slowly]

Ifeoma held Chinedu’s hands very strongly and let go seconds after. She had given her last breath and at that moment died in the hands of the one she loved. Chinedu couldn’t hold his tears anymore as the only words he could say was ‘We’ll surely meet again my love’ he said. Obinna tried to keep his mother away from Ifeoma’s corpse. Ngozi cried bitterly asking why the gods let this happen? The doctors wrote down the time of death as the nurses covered her with the white cloth and took her to the morgue. The most beautiful and everyone’s favourite sweet girl had gone to the great beyond because of the jealousy of her sister. She was the nicest girl around and the most humble being ever lived even at death. She may have struggled through life in the hands of her sister but she never stopped leaving a lasting impact on people.

Ifeoma was given a grand burial ceremony and everyone had nice things to say about her. A statute was built for Ifeoma in the town and placed at the centre of the town and a major road in the town was named after her. Chinedu fulfilled the wishes of Ifeoma as he brought in Obinna and his mother into his big home and changed their lifestyle completely. Ada was caught and publicly disgraced by the villagers as she was flogged and made to dance around the village market naked. Then she was banished into the forest where her fate will be decided by the gods…[The End]

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