Today on the blog, we’ve got a quite interesting discourse. Ever wondered why ladies prefer the NOW rather than believe in the FUTURE? It’s an issue that has gone on for decades. Why are prospects not enough for women to choose a spouse or partner? It’s a question most [if not all] men seek an answer to. Men with prospects believe in building a relationship and growing in love. While others believe women are driven by money which takes care of their material needs.

Women on the other hand, desire these two sets of men but can only have one. LOVE, which is uncertain of making money or MONEY, which is uncertain of making true love. Nine out of ten women end up choosing money and relegate love to the sidelines especially in Africa. We talked some Nigerians and here is what they had to say;

• Sonia Somto – Personally, I cannot wait for any man. He has to be ready to take care of my needs.

• Esosa Richards – Honestly, men these days can’t be trusted. You give them your heart, they crush it. He might just break up with you when the money comes.

• Dayo Lawal – It’s just a pity how women have become so money conscious. Love is what keeps a relationship burning cause money come and go.

• Tina Mba – Not all women believe in money although it’s important. If I’m really into a guy and I like the picture he envisages, I can wait.

• Uyi William – Don’t be deceived, prospects don’t win the heart of a woman, money does.

These are some of the opinions of a few concerning the discourse. We wanna know your thoughts on prospects in relationship. Do you think women should choose money over love? Should a woman believe in the future of a man and build that future together or believe in the present status of a man? Are prospects enough? Drop your comments on this one. Tell us what you think. This is Danny world…


  1. I believe its all a matter of understanding between the man and woman. prospects can never be enough for a man or woman who doesn’t understand his or her partners future plan and goals..


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