So days went by and Ifeoma at this time was strong enough to walk on her feet. Back home, Ada was pleased not to have seen Ifeoma for days thinking her mission was well executed by Uzor and Ebuka so she was happy. ‘Maybe Ifeoma must have felt so bad and ashamed and then she went to commit suicide because of what the society would say’ Ada said [Thinking Aloud] Meanwhile, Obinna and Ngozi were overly worried about Ifeoma as she had not been home for 3days. Ngozi asked ‘Where is my daughter?’ [Sobbing] Ada answered ‘Don’t worry mother, she’s a big girl I’m sure she can take care of herself’ her mother was filled with even more rage as Ada could be so heartless towards her own sister.

Some minutes later, Ifeoma walked into the house looking even better than she left 3days ago as she was accompanied by Chinedu. Ngozi was very pleased to have seen her daughter so was Obinna except Ada who hurriedly left the room immediately she saw Ifeoma. Ifeoma was happy to see her family once again and then she explained to her mother everything that happened that day and how she was rescued by Chinedu. ‘Thank you my son may the gods bless you’ Ngozi said to Chinedu who replied with an ‘Amen’ At this point, Ifeoma and Chineda already had a bond between them. Then Ngozi asked ‘what are your intentions towards my daughter?’ Chinedu replied saying ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with her’ he said. Chinedu have always wanted to find someone who he would share his wealth with someday and Ifeoma seemed just perfect.

Ada was eavesdropping at this point and haven heard Chinedu’s intentions, she became even more envious of her sister. ‘Over my dead body will this happen. Why does she have to be the one to always get the good men? She can’t get married before me’ Ada said [Angrily] Ifeoma and Chinedu already had a chemistry. ‘I want to wake up in the morning and behold your beautiful face and be glad that I have you in my life’ Chinedu said. Ifeoma was all smiles at this point as she couldn’t imagine how her life had turned around like this. ‘I want you to be the father of my children and the man I want to grow old with till death’ Ifeoma said as they professed their love for each other. Ada heard this and said ‘I will make sure he doesn’t recognize her face anymore’ as she had created another evil plot in her mind.

Two days later, Ngozi had gone to her shop in the market while Obinna had left for school leaving the two sisters at home. Ifeoma noticed the silence in Ada since she arrived and tried to make to peace with her but Ada didn’t share in her apologetic words. ‘I hate you Ifeoma!’ Ada yelled. Ifeoma was perplexed as she couldn’t understand what was going on and why her sister would hate her for no reason. But Ifeoma had a big heart so she didn’t read any meaning to the words of her sister. ‘Go get me some water to drink!’ Ada yelled again. ‘As far as it makes you happy I will do just that’ Ifeoma said as she went into the house to bring water as her elder sister had ordered.

Ada tip-toed to the door at the entrance and locked the door and wooden windows round the house from the outside. She went to get petrol which she poured round the house just outside the area. Ifeoma at this point didn’t know what was going on as she brought the water to her sister. She tried to push the door from the inside only to find out it was locked from the outside. Then she called for Ada to open the door but there was no response from her. ‘Ada please open this door!’ Ifeoma screamed. ‘Now let’s see how Chinedu would look at you when your face is all burnt’ Ada said [Laughing] Ifeoma realizing what was about to happen begged for mercy and started to look for an escape route around the house but Ada had made sure that wasn’t going to happen. Ada striked the match against the match box and threw it on the petrol on the ground which resulted into burning flames.

‘Let me go Let me go!’ Ifeoma cried, hitting the door and begging her sister for mercy but Ada’s heart was stern and hard as a rock. The rooftops were made up of dry palm trees and bamboos so it was easier for the fire to spread even faster. At this time, the fire had engulfed major parts of the house and the smokes were all over the place. Ada left the scene so she won’t be suspected by people around. Ifeoma yelled [Sobbing] ‘somebody help me somebody help me!!!’ But no one came to her aid as the flames kept on burning….[To Be Continued]

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