Torn In Eden

New Poem! The writer tells the story of a forbidden relationship even in paradise. You can listen to the audio spoken word version on Spotify. Titled, “Torn in Eden.” Enjoy!

I find myself here again
Crazy over a cat who doesn’t want this bone
Rooting for a tree with no bark
Why do I always do this?
We were doing great
Now I might ruin it

I can’t stop thinking about you
I close my eyes and it’s you, I see
I find you in my dreams
Then I wake up with you in my thoughts
Hoping someday, you will be in my arms
Wondering if dreams ever come through?

Oh! This is ridiculous

I recognize where I am
Looks familiar, I see the pattern
This is not going to end in a fairytale
I’m headed for the rocks again
I should run as far away as I can
But like a spell, now I’m drawn to you

I wish I could tame these thoughts
But my mind keeps running wild
I yearn for your voice at nightfall
And your touch at dawn
Maybe a kiss at noon

Oh! This is ridiculous

What am I doing?
This shouldn’t be happening
I can’t have you in my life
So I find solace with you in my dreams
Now this feels so real, not virtual
I want to see you every day like it’s a ritual

I scroll through your images creating our imagery
I scroll through your texts, hoping to get some context
I replay your voice notes, and now I note your voice
I want to fight this so bad
But clearly, I’m losing the fight I picked
How do I get out of this rabbit hole?

Oh! This is ridiculous

Your cheer gives sunrise to my day
And your words, stars to my night
You’re beyond beautiful, I wish you’d see that
Like a fugitive, I tried to hide my heart away
And now it’s your hostage
But I fear it may be the only hostage you let go

This feels like the forbidden fruit
The one thing I promised never to touch
Eden has been good thus far
Why fix what’s not broken?
But the serpent keeps talking in my head
This bite might be the death of us

Oh! This is ridiculous

Maybe I’m just selfish for wailing
Eden should be more than enough
Now I’m on the verge of losing Eden for a paradise I’ve never seen
Why am I doing this?
The deeper I go down this rabbit hole, the more difficult it is to find my way out
There is no light at the end of this tunnel

Damn! I realize I’ve been in love with darkness



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