Beating Cancer Ft. Praiz | The Exclusive | Ep. 125

In this special episode, Praiz joins us in the studio this week to share her story as a cancer survivor. In her own words, she describes vivid moments through the emotional rollercoaster of finding out her diagnosis, the turmoil from the tumour, navigating excruciating pain while going through chemotherapy, being over 20 pills a day, … Continue reading Beating Cancer Ft. Praiz | The Exclusive | Ep. 125

Attention Doesn’t Mean Interest | Ep. 123

In this amazing episode, the duo returns to the studio this week with the introspective question "Does attention translate to interest and vice versa?" together we discuss why people lie about their interest or attention bandwidth in conversations and interactions with people, friendships, and relationships, querying the validity of brutal honesty, and ranking our interest … Continue reading Attention Doesn’t Mean Interest | Ep. 123

The Election Chronicles | Ep. 122

In this special episode, we discuss Nigeria's presidential elections, the uproar, the tension, partisan and tribalistic politics in Nigeria, condemning the corruption exhibited by the electoral body, disenfranchisement at polling units, Banky W's loss at the polls, putting celebrity on pedestals, clerics' influence on voting in the church + MORE. On Nana's Corner, we talk … Continue reading The Election Chronicles | Ep. 122

Does Body Count Matter?

"I can't marry her because she has so many body counts."