Poem – Sweet Dreams

The story of two hearts wrapped in passion, but now whose paths will never cross again. Titled “Sweet Dreams.” Enjoy!

I hear these sides talking again
Wondering what I did to deserve this pummeling
Walking around every day with a chip on my shoulder
Thinking I have to always prove something to you
To prove that I’m worthy of your trust
To prove that I’m worthy of your attention
I find myself chasing your time but somehow I’m stuck in time

Some days, you make me feel wanted
Other days, we’re estranged
Strange how the one person I think about everyday treats me like a stranger
I try to reach out but you remain out of reach
Can’t you see I’m the one you love?
Last night, you gave him a deep hug
The night before, you let him in your suite
Today, I watch you guys French kiss

When I asked what he meant to you?
You hurled insecurity at me
Trivialized my hurt and told me I was overreacting
How can I watch the one I love the most, feel bliss in another’s arms?
Are you taking advantage of me?
You’re bad but good for me at the same time

I wonder which fear is worse
The thought of losing what I never had
Or the fear of never having you
Both will be the death of me
My heart plunged and my sense of logic, thumped

Every night I cry myself to sleep
Hoping one night you would walk in and hold me
Tell me we are going to be okay
But I’m here again tonight with no one holding my hand
All I do is think of you
My mind racing like the sprinter
Praying one day you find me worthy of your heart

You know how I feel about you
Yet you stomp all over me
You know I only have eyes for you
Yet you poke them
You know my ears are always here to listen
But all I hear is dead silence
You know I keep my feet on the ground like a soldier
Yet you continue cutting me from under
Can’t you see I’m the one you love?

I deserve you
No one deserves your time better than me
You nag when I spend time with friends
You think it’s a waste of time
Yet every day you discard our time
Now look at me?

I hope you are happy
I’m a wreck
I hope you are proud of the cage you built?
I hope you don’t grow to resent this prisoner
Because I like it here now

Oh now you want to break the bars?
Too late now, I’m comfortable
This is home now
I’m done chasing your approval, you can have him
I see these pills lying around
Tonight may just be the night I overdose from the pressure
Don’t try to reach out
It’s too late

Chasing you shouldn’t be my life’s work
I hope he makes you happy
I hope you guys have beautiful progenies
I hope you put a smile on his face
I hope he never feels my pain
I hope you treat him right
I hope he doesn’t die chasing your vicious heart
I hope he never has to cry himself to sleep like you did me
I hope your darkness never consumes his light

So as I leave this world tonight
Knowing I gave you all of me
My fragile heart, time and devotion
I loved you broken
I wish things were different but I accept it wasn’t enough

I loved you my whole life
And I will love you even in death
And so tonight, like the dove, I’m setting you free
Like you, I hope it’s green on the other side
Goodbye, sweet Dreams…




All Rights Reserved 2021

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