Poem – Scarred

The story of a young girl with a broken heart. Titled, “Scarred” Enjoy!

Hey there
I see you tearing up
Face so messed up
All night you’ve been worked up
Like you got yourself beat up
Clearly, you can’t get over the break up
You left him messages hoping for a make up

You gave him your whole life
But he chose to live the hoe life
Together, you thought you all were going to start a new life
Clearly, he wasn’t about that life
Broken, now you’re thinking of taking your own life
While he’s out there with her, starting a new life
Now death seems easier than life

I see the anguish in your eyes, I feel the death in your heart

Where do you go from here?
I thought if I made him breakfast, he’d stay for dinner
Sadly, he couldn’t wait to ask for a break so fast
I thought if I served him some pie
He’d place me on top of the chart
But all I got was chitchat
Now I’m wondering if I gave him everything on a plate

Did I do enough?
Did I give enough?
Did I smile enough?
Was I beautiful enough?
Was I patient enough?
Was my love enough?
Of course, you weren’t enough

I see the anguish in your eyes, I feel the death in your heart

You didn’t do enough
You never gave enough
You never smiled enough
Maybe if you did, he will be here
Yes, you’re not beautiful enough
You never talked with patience
Clearly, your love wasn’t enough

Damn, who have I become?
I used to be the spark in the room
Like the wise men, everyone could spot my light from afar
Yes, your light used to be propelling
Now it’s so dark in here, it’s repelling
You used to have a vision
Now it’s impossible to get you on the mission

I see the anguish in your eyes, I feel the death in your heart

You left all your keys on the board
Now you got played like the guitar
You thought if you showed him the strings
He’d dance to your tune
But he had his own rhythm
So all he did was string you along
Now he can blow his trumpet

It’s been months
You’re still scrolling through his pictures?
Even when he’s clearly no longer in the picture
Still ruing over the life you alone pictured
Picasso couldn’t have painted a better picture
Gandhi would be proud
You’ve become his eighth wonder

I see the anguish in your eyes, I feel the death in your heart

You wanted to fit in so bad
Like a cigarette, he had you between in his fingers
He had you rolled in deep
Until you became the smoke he wanted to put out
Guess that’s what you get for being blunt
His lungs for your heart
You took his breath away, yet he blew you off
You were bad for him, but he made you
Perhaps, there’s really no smoke without fire

Again, I see the anguish in your eyes, I feel the death in your heart

Hey there
It’s time you wake up
Cheer up
You’re still in the race, buckle up
Stay ready, keep your head up
Wipe your tears, things are starting to look up
It’s a marathon, you got time to level up
Now here’s your motivation on a plate, finish up…


©DW 2021


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