The Wild Goose

I found myself berating these walls loudly harkening to the voices in my head. So I took out my palette and painted these walls, turns out, I muraled my thoughts. Titled, “The Wild Goose.” Enjoy!


Between these hollering walls, I still miss your voice

So I pick up the phone

Put a call through

But somehow, we keep losing connection

Maybe this wasn’t the perfect call


New day, I’m out here on this couch

Wishing you were here

Wondering if I was ever going to hold you in my arms

Yearning for your warmth

But all I get is stone cold


I thought our dreams were mutual

Oops! I guess my reality was virtual

Envisioned our lives as perpetual

Maybe finding love after all is not eventual

Perhaps being sensual is more effectual


You asked for some company

We made it private

Hoping someday, we’d go public

I never wanted to share

But I guess I wasn’t of value


My trust was so easy to gain

So I lost my value in exchange

I got so invested for a real bond

Often times, I got no credit

Only losses in return


Yesterday, I had enough in my arsenal

Today, I want to shred these emotions like the wolves

But I still feel lost in the city

So I seclude into my lonely new castle

Wondering if a queen will ever walk into this palace


I hate the drama

So I create an act

So as not to cause a scene

I keep my thoughts aside

Hoping I don’t break character


I’m all you see but not what you feel

You call me Santa but with a clause

The vaccine you need but not your cure

Your dreams but never your reality

Yeah, this was a stretch but I made my mark


I chased so hard cause you’re a catch

But you keep running away

So I reach for my gun

Palms sweating on the trigger, and I took that shot

Now I realize this was all a wild goose


I feel like walking out

Tired of this work out

My heart still wants to work it out

But clearly, this isn’t working out

So maybe this is how I sign out…


[To Be Continued] – DANNY

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