Poem – Fork In The Road

The story of a young girl at crossroads with her relationship with her deadbeat father. Titled “Fork In The Road.” Enjoy the poem!

This is becoming embarrassing
You gave me the pieces
Yet you’re the puzzle
All I have are questions
More tests from your text

You left me for dead again
Who does that?
How do you watch the one you love go through so much pain?
I’m engulfed in this burning flame
Yet you have chosen to watch me burn
How could you do this to me?

How could you let them drag me through the mud?
I cried for your help and you watched them have their way still
What kind of father watches his daughter suffer?
Agonized and traumatized from the torture
Yet every time you turn the other way
Why have you chosen to ignore my cry for help?

You brought me here yet you’ve chosen to let me wrought
Now all I feel is your wrath
How could you do this to me father?
You promised to protect me with your life
Now you’re so cold blooded
Does that heart still beat?

These walls are crumbling down
Yet you’ve chosen to leave me in the building
You tell me to do as you say not as you do
Your actions don’t match your words
How can I rely on you when you’ve become a deadbeat?
How do I bank on a promise I can’t cash?

In the past, you were present
Now you walk past my present
Santa was right, perhaps bad kids don’t deserve any present
Palpitating from the demons in my past
Wrecking the jewels from my future
Tensed from my past, tensed for the future
How do you present your past to my future?

Where were you when I got shot?
Where were you when I almost got knocked by a truck?
Where were you when I needed your shoulders?
Where were you when I was lost in the woods?
Now how do I crisscross this crossroad?
My heart bleeds yet yearns for your guidance

Last night, you asked if we could talk
But I really don’t feel like having yet another futile sit down
This time I’m walking away just like you did me
Koryn says I should talk to you
But I’m too upset at your sight
How could you do this to me?
Can’t you see I’m the result of your actions?

Slowly fading away into the chasm
Slowly losing my trust in you
And still, you didn’t flinch
Oops! I forgot you have other kids
Clearly, I’m expendable
Crazy of me to think I meant the most to you
Crazy of me to think you’d fight for me
At least you didn’t fail at one thing
And that was pushing me away

But I heeded to Koryn’s words still
So I reached out
But for the umpteenth time, you weren’t there to pick up
Yet another voicemail
How I hate those repeated automated responses?
Can’t you see I want the real you?
Why did I ever think this time would be different?

My friends think you’re a myth because they never see you
I brag about you to them despite your hurt
You never came around when the school called
You never came around when the doctor called
Not even when the warden called
I’ve done nothing but try to love you my whole life
Frankly, loving you is pain
How could you do this to me father?

I know you hate Bruce
Even though he’s been a father figure in your stead
Perhaps I should take his last name
His words have held me down in your absence
Maybe I wouldn’t need his words if you present
Mother loves him anyway
Maybe your actions will eventually push us off the ledge
How could you do this to me father?

Stepped in these quick sands
Hoping this desert doesn’t end me
The water seemed safe for a while, so I drank
But now it’s toxic, to be frank
I hope you come to my rescue but that would be a prank

I wear my heart on my sleeves
You know I embody your pain like a cloak
You know I walk with a broken leg
You know I walk on hot coals
Tears dripping down my eyes
And walk around with a smile on my face
But with a scowl in my soul

Dear Father
I guess this is the price I pay for my Faith in you
The whirlwind of this crossroad has become my fate
And as I close these curtains tonight
I want you to know I love you still
To know that I fought this beast even in my burden…


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