Love or Loyalty – Which Means More?

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People often equate sacrifices as a moral high ground to genuine and unconditional Love. But what if the word we are looking for is, Loyalty? Ever wondered why people grow out of Love and still remain Loyal to each other? It’s because while Love speaks to the emotion, Loyalty speaks to the cause. Which begs the ultimate question, are you loyal to the one you love or do you love the one you’re loyal to?

Couple showing affection.

One could argue that the mission will always supersede the union. One might also counter, is there even a mission without the union? Oh well… Back in the medieval times, when kings ruled over kingdoms, the serfs and subjects didn’t always love their king but they were always loyal.


The loyalty to the crown was a sense of duty to the people than to the man wearing the crown. In essence, the cause was always more valuable even if their king was the cruelest being on the planet.

Couple Having a Big Fight.

Generations before today, showed us loyalty is way more important than love. Marriages used to be arranged and each gender understood their roles to achieving a stable and healthy family structure or dynamic.

A healthy family unit.

They didn’t always love each other, at least not right away, but they always stayed loyal to the cause regardless of the bumpy roads they hit. Today, that narrative seem to have gone awry.


Today’s society is very flexible with gender roles, emotions and standards. Today, society is driven more by feelings than factual and observable reality. Love is esteemed and put as the pedestal for a union rather than the cause.


Their argument is, well if you love someone, you should automatically be loyal to them. A quite linear way to look at things and on the surface, it does hold sway. But when you begin to open up the layers, you begin to find culpable cracks in negation to the initial premise.

Couple Conversing Over Coffee.

Quick question! Should my ill feelings about this person affect the goal at hand? Hold that thought. A perfect example would be in a football game, where a player feels a bit disgruntled with a teammate, so he refuses to pass him the ball even when he is clearly in a better goal scoring position? Let that simmer for a while.


Now if marriage or relationships in general is considered a team sport, doesn’t that make the goal more important than your feelings?


On the flip side, one could argue that love incentivizes you to go above and beyond for the cause with that person. Of course, love helps bolster the fruition of the cause but is it sustainable? Is it enough? It means you’re only loyal to the ones you love and we all know reality flaws that logic.

Couple holding hands showing a team.

Case and point, would be how we conduct ourselves in the workplace. You may not like your boss or sometimes hate a colleague’s gut so bad you want to punch them in the nose. Yet you work with them every day to achieve the required results for the organization.


So I ask again, love or loyalty, which means more to you? We will like to hear your thoughts on this one. Do drop your thoughts in the comment section below. Also listen to the extended version of this interesting conversation on The Spectrum Podcast only on SPOTIFY. You’re welcome to The Spectrum. This is Danny world.


4 thoughts on “Love or Loyalty – Which Means More?

  1. Well for me when it comes to relay family and all love is more important then for the work place loyalty it is .


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