Sometimes we stop appreciating people when we get what we want from them. At times, we think it is no longer necessary for us to say thank you when we have what we want. We are only humble when we don’t have it but proud when it’s ours. Most times we get to ask our maker for what we need but forget to say thank you or even acknowledge his contribution when it’s finally in our possession. Ever asked why some rich and famous folks don’t attend church? It’s because they have everything they want in life and to them they don’t need God anymore. They feel only poor people go to church so their prayers can be answered. To them, their prayers are already answered so it’s no point crying to God anymore cause they don’t have any prayer point. The truth is, they never had an appreciative heart from the start and this is why sometimes our answers are delayed cause maybe if he gives it to you now, you would forget him at the top. You might be little now but when you make it big never forget the people who helped you get there. Be grateful even when you’re fruitful. A thankful heart lives a graceful life.

They say ‘never bite the hand that fed you’ cause that hand made you. People who are here for you today, would you be there for them tomorrow? Never fail to acknowledge the contributions of people in your life cause you owe it to them. Like I would always say, ‘The magnitude of your gratitude only shows your attitude’ it means your level appreciation shows your person. Acknowledge it’s only a privilege you made it to where you are today. A man was once so humble when he was still singing for free on the streets. Everyone loved his music every time he opened his mouth to sing and you could see the passion in his voice you just knew that he was destined to be great. One day, someone heard him sing and decided to invest in that talent and signed him up to his record label to make him a star. This young man made it big in the music industry in just two years but never said thank you to the man who made him a star neither did he ever visit the hood who listened to his songs when he had nothing. One lesson you must learn is, when you had nothing you would give anything to have everything never forget you had nothing when you have everything. This is Danny world…


  1. nice one Danny, but what about those persons who feels you owe them even your life, just cos they helped you.


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