News today broke that the endemic Ebola has killed 7 people in Nigeria and one of them being the nurse who attended to the deceased Liberian who came into the country some weeks ago. Now I’ve tried so hard not to talk about this issue but it’s becoming a major disturbance to Africa as a whole. Ebola is deadly and in a country like Nigeria where hygiene is almost ignorant, don’t you think this disease will spread even faster? I think so too. Nigeria have asked the US for ZMAA which is a drug which is said to be a cure but it’s not 100% gauranteed. What’s your take on Ebola? We’re talking

One thought on “THE EBOLA VIRUS

  1. Nigerians doctors and physician act like they’re brilliant yet they can’t get us a cure for ebola….except for bitter cola and salty water that are not even working….God help us all


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