Man is full of emotions and these emotions are triggered by words, thoughts, events and actions. Laughter, sobbing, anger, joy, guilt, envy, jealousy, fear, hate and love. These emotions are man’s reaction to either the words of another man, his thoughts, events that occurred or his actions or actions of people. Everyday, man live with these emotions and at the different times, these emotions spring up. Now to remain sane, man, at intervals, have to keep these emotions in check.

But more importantly, man never forgets what and how he feels. What he feels, he expresses and when he does, if it’s good, he wants to keep that feeling for as long as he can. But if it’s a bad feeling, he discards it after while but amazingly, never forgets. A man’s reaction to pain could be sobbing, anger, frustration or even rage. When a man is in pain, he feels all that. One day that pain may be gone but he never forgets how he felt.

The feeling causes for you to remember the event, person or action that triggered such a feeling. Therefore, to get to a man, you’ve got to get to his emotions. It means whatever a man feels become a lasting impact he never forgets. People may forget what you did for them. They may forget what you even said to them. They may even forget what you taught them. But one thing they never forget is how you made them feel. Man is a function of his feelings.

When a man loves another [male or female], he’s constantly craving for that company not because he just wants to be around that person but because of how he feels when he’s around such a person. When a man loves a woman, he always want to be around her cause of the way he feels when he’s with her. Again, his feelings precede his reaction. Tomorrow, even when she’s long gone, he may not remember all the things they talked about or the things she did for him but he never forgets how she made him feel [Love].

In essence, if you want to create an impact in a man, get to his feelings. Until it affects you, it doesn’t change you. When it gets to the heart, it stays in the head. When someone or a thing gets to your heart, you’ll always think about that person or thing. It’s the secret to changing a man’s belief, state of mind, choices, character and life in general which takes time. It means that impact is a process. Lasting impact is not made in a rush rather it brews.

The way a man feels about you affects what he thinks about you. Feelings drive thoughts which eventually causes a response. Sometimes the right words or action needed for a particular time gets to a man’s heart because of its level of importance. Extending a hand to a man is a show of love. In the end, you’d have made someone feel loved and priortized because of a much needed hand or gesture. Sometimes all you need do is put a smile on someone’s face, a word of encouragement, a show of support or appreciation. It’s all about the little things. It’s a step in the right direction to changing our world. This is Danny world…

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