It is no longer news that everyone wants to succeed. Everyone wants to win. Everyone wants to be called a victor. We want to become the best at everything we do. Everyone wants to be recognised for countless achievements. Everyone wants to be remembered as greats. It is only natural for a man to desire the pleasures of life. Fact is, humans want to be winners. But here’s what nobody tells you, we can’t always win. We can’t always remain at the top.

We can’t always be the best. And this is what we wanna talk about today. There is the desire to win and there is the reality of winning. The desire to win always wants to make a statement but the reality of winning brings our desires to question. A man who desires a thing sees himself becoming what he desires but what happens when all he envisioned doesn’t come to reality? Does it mean all he envisioned was a mirage? Or perhaps his desires were wrong?

Sometimes we feel things should always work out for us but life doesn’t think that way. You might wanna ask, who is a winner? or perhaps what does it really take to win? A true winner is not characterised by how many wins he’s been able to gather but by how many failed attempts he’s had and his ability to keep moving. It tells you one thing, the reality may be resisting factor but the desire to win becomes the motivating factor.

Failures are only those who failed to understand why they failed. Successes are those who figured out why they failed previously and avoided that mistake the next time they had the chance. Fact is, people really don’t care about your heat cause they only want to see your hits. Truth is, only the heat can bring the hits. Winning is not just in the magnitude of our results but a consistent drive that creates an attitude. It tells you that the difference between a winner and a failure is the attitude.

The question is, how do we react to failed attempts? A failed attempt doesn’t make you a failure. It only means you’re one step closer to your goal and one step away from where you used to be. A failure is one who failed to understand why he failed and has refused to find out. It tells you, there are no losers in life only those who chose to. They say winners don’t quit but I think winners choose not to quit. Winning is in understanding that no matter how long it’s gonna take, you’re gonna succeed.

It’s in understanding that sometimes factors may work against you but it doesn’t take away your focus. Winning is in understanding that sometimes people may not even support your course but constant actions towards the goal keeps you moving until there is a result and people begin to appreciate you. Understanding winning gives you an edge over your mind and having an edge over your mind gives you an edge over life.

A man who always wants to win has already failed before he got started. You can’t always have it your way. A true winner understands this fact and so when there is a failed attempt, he can relate with it and keep his emotions in check because his mind has been trained to understand that limitations are only for a while but the sun will always shine.

A man who doesn’t understand this will only go about ranting and wallow in anguish because he felt winning was a right rather than earned. I’ve come to find out that life doesn’t really support your passion only the things that cause you depression. We create our own reality. If I’m gonna come out from that dark place, then I must understand that life functions that way and if we stop, our dreams will only remain dreams and never see the light of day. Winning creates for you a mindset against all odds.

Sometimes heroes are not those who always saved the day but those who understood life was worth saving. There is no winner without a success story and there is no success story without failed attempts. A true winner is one who is able to inspire others through his success story. A man at the top can only relate with the conditions of that man at the bottom because he was once there. The realities of life sets in doubts but doubts are subject to a trained mind. A mind that understands that when things don’t go its way, it learns from it and directs a different approach. Again, winning is an attitude.

Our ability to decipher desire from reality is an attitude that expresses a certain level of maturity caused by a knowledge of the dynamics of life. I guess what I’m saying get your desires straight and your heart fixed on them but never fail to understand that if it doesn’t go your way, frustrating shouldn’t be the next line of action rather ride on the strength that you now know better which will only cause you to do better. It is what winners do to get to the top and what they do to remain at the top. It’s called champions stuff. Again I say, winning is an attitude. This is Danny world…


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