Sometimes we feel so bad for the things we never had control over. Sometimes we feel obliged to always wanna be there for people. We feel responsible for everything. We always wanna save the day. Sometimes we wanna play God. True heroes are not marked by how many people they are able to save but how many were worth saving. A man once said that “unconditional love is painful.” Well, I say being a hero is worse off. A lot of times, we do certain things for the wrong people and we end up cursing ourselves when these set of persons doesn’t even feel you did anything out of the blue. I’ll tell you what, value is not just appreciation but a man’s greatest motivation.

Why be a hero to someone who doesn’t even see you as one? Why take a bullet for someone who doesn’t even care about what happens to you? Sometimes we wanna go the extra mile for persons who are not worth an inch because they’ve failed to understand the rationale behind sacrifices. You can’t always save the day but if I must save the day then it must be for the right reasons. Truth is, sometimes we become so hard on ourselves we feel we’re losers because we couldn’t help someone who was in need. You see there is a difference between someone being in need and someone being in need of you. Being “in need” says “You’re not the only person in the world.” But being “in need of you” says “You’re my only option.”

When someone is in need of you, it becomes personal so he holds you in high esteem. This way, much value is placed on the person than what he does. Sometimes people value what you do but not who you are because it hasn’t become personal. “What you do” says “It’s what I do.” but “Who you are” says “It’s what I live for.” A lot of times, valiants become ridicule because people have chosen to see only the effect of the act rather than the rationale behind the act. Sometimes the gesture is just enough because a hero’s heart is bigger than his might. Question is, what do you count for? How do people see you? Help is a function of value which calls forth appreciation. If I do value you then being of help to you will be worth it and that’s brings about genuine or heart-felt appreciation.

Truth is, if I must put my life on the line for you then I must understand why my life has to be on the line. I must understand that it ain’t all for nothing. You must ask yourself, these people, are they really worth it? Sometimes saving a life is of more value than saving lives cause acting in the best interest of people may mean something or nothing to them but acting in the best interest of one means the world to that person. Being a hero ain’t about being “Superman” but a man who understands that life is worth saving. Sometimes they might not see reasons why you do what you do or even appreciate it but a true hero is one who is able to decipher between good and right. It may not seem the right or logical thing to stretch out a hand but I know it comes from my heart. Be a hero to someone today. This is Danny world…

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