Dealt A Hand

A short quintet about a boy living his father’s reality after judging him his whole life.

A touching read. Titled “Dealt A Hand.” Enjoy!

Father and son

For a while I questioned your achievements
I questioned your successes
I spat at your milestones
I trivialized your victories
And mocked your character


I thought you could do better
I didn’t think you ever gave it enough
Why didn’t you aspire to be more?
Why glorify mediocrity?
Why settle for a ridge when you could have the farm?


I deemed you a failure
I called you a scared crow
I was bitter you weren’t better
I was angry you weren’t hungry
Ungrateful you were grateful


But today, I realize it was the best of you
I realize I held you in contempt for being content
Ignored your hurt without wearing your shoes
Now I wear them and it doesn’t fit
So I walk on coals hoping they don’t burn through my sole


For yesterday I wanted to swim
Today, I don’t want to drown
Yesterday, I wanted to live my dream
Today, I want to live
What if I flew today and crawled tomorrow?
For tomorrow is only a figment yearning for a pigment

[To Be Continued]


Written By: DannyΒ 

6 thoughts on “Dealt A Hand

  1. Very funny how our parents wants so much from us without taking time to know what we want for ourselves……Great one Dannyworld, more grease to your elbows


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