A lot of people seem to believe that pushing so hard brings about the result they so desire. People believe that when you work towards a desire so hard then the result must always be positive. But with relationships, it’s a different ball game. Relationships have got dynamics of its own that goes beyond the normal human reasoning. Now when it comes to the normal struggles of life, then applying the human strength and way of reasoning can apply but not with relationships.

The truth is, relationships emphasizes more on our hearts than our minds. It rides on the forces of the heart and not the force of our efforts. A man feels when he’s put himself out there and does everything on the outside to make sure he’s good enough to find love but gets disappointed when all his efforts results to nothing but rejection.

Sometimes it’s really not about how you look or how much is in your bank account. It’s not about how well you speak or how well you dress. Sometimes when you do that, you seem too desperate that you forget the essence of a true relationship which is allowing your heart do the finding rather than your head. You’d ask a guy what he thinks about finding someone to be in relationship with and the first things he’d talk about is what every other guy would say.

He’d talk about his looks, appearance, height, money, dress sense and all that. You wonder why they really never talk about what or who the heart deems fit. The truth, sometimes we do all of these and still don’t get what or who we deserve. All we get is rejection or if lucky, one who’d only bring us more harm than good.

Sometimes we miss it and keep meeting the wrong persons just because we’re desperate and want to be in relationship whatever the cost. Perhaps you should ask yourself, what do I really want? What do I really deserve? Have I listened to my heart? These questions helps us to structure our thoughts in the right direction and put us on the right track.

When we fail to ask ourselves these questions, we end up falling for the wrong persons who really never appreciates your presence in their lives. This is why you see relationships today end up with broken hearts because they failed to evaluate for themselves what they really wanted from that relationship. Some just wanted to be in relationship because they wanted to not because they felt so or it was the right thing to do at that point.

At times, we’re pressured to wanna be in a relationship cause everyone’s in a relationship. This is another point where we also miss it. People don’t make a relationship but two hearts does. Sometimes people make you feel being in a relationship seem to be all that matters in life but it’s up to you to know where to take your decision from. Either you go with their words which addresses your mind or go with your heart which is really genuine. Relationship becomes a big deal when people make it one.

Some people get pressured into relationships by peers or cliques and then when the road goes all sour, they back out because it wasn’t their own making in the first place. If I really feel something for this person then that should be the reason why I want to be with this person not because people said I needed a relationship to be accepted. If you’re gonna be in a relationship then let it be for the right reasons. It should come from you and by you, we mean your heart.

To find love, you really don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary. You simply have to open up your heart and allow your heart connect with someone alike. That’s love and that should form the basis for the relationship asides building trust. This goes to some set of persons who feel being in any relationship at all makes you complete or something. Completeness is shared not earned cause you were made complete. Life’s all about the choices we make. If I’m gonna make the wrong choice at all then it should come from me and I should take responsibility for it not what people felt was right for me.

Sometimes we don’t wanna be attached to the word “single” which is why some people wanna be in a relationship so they don’t feel alone. If we all keep doing that, then we’d missing the essence of a relationship. Relationship is more than just dating. It’s a bond. In the final analysis, don’t date because it’s what people do but what you feel for the next person. Why engage in something you know nothing about? Be wise to always listen to your heart cause that’s where the truth lies. We should be finding love not finding relationships cause love is of the essence. This is Danny world…

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