Everyday people move around going about their daily activities. We hustle day and night just to be able to feed and pay bills. We move around unsure of the next minute. Everyday people die. Everyday babies are born to come live and die some day as well. They say it’s what makes the world go round. We all go about life the same way irrespective of what we believe in. We’ve all got families. Some go about their school work. Some go about their job whether it’s an office job or a vocational job. Find someone we love and get married and have kids. We do all sorts just to pay bills at the end of the day.

Then I asked, why are we here? Do we even have hope? Were we just born into this uncertain world to one day die and go back to an uncertain place in the supernatural? Truth is, people are not even sure where they might end up after here. It’s either heaven or hell which some people really don’t believe exist. So the question is, what’s the catch? If we’re all just here to do the same thing then what’s so special about life. Every religion talks about God or some god they don’t see and want to acquire as many as possible to believe in what they believe in which is still not certain as it were.

Now you see religious groups fighting against each other for what they believe in which is still no guarantee that your life is gonna be rosy. The pope, pastors, bishops, Imams, atheist, scholars, students and the normals all face the same troubles of life and some day leave this earth. Then you ask, what makes one really different from the other? This certain group believe people should act this way and not the other way not because their way is guaranteed but because they want to please their believes and boast about adding one person to the faith. You claim you’re a scholar or some professor and you force your students to spend more money in doing research they are never going to use in life all just to help further your own ambitions of becoming an emeritus.

The students go about reading their heads off to pass a course the lecturer already decided to fail everyone just because a female student has refused to sleep with him. You do nothing else but study through school only to join the long queue of millions in the dwindling economy who are don’t have jobs. What’s your hope? What makes you think you’re better than the next person even though he’s more qualified than you are. Some religious folks would say ‘grace is at work.’ which is really nice to say considering what you believe in. But I’d ask, don’t you think the other person is actually praying the same prayer? Yeah I thought so too.

Virtually, everything we do in life is a risk even to the time of death. The world has become a nasty place. Some have chosen a dark path because of the drive for power, money and the fame. Everyone wants to be important. Everyone wants to be of value. You’d not blame anyone who thinks that way cause that’s what life has turned out to be. The drive for power has become so strong people now want to be worshipped. I think God’s original plan was for us to be happy among ourselves. Maybe that was the only purpose he gave each and everyone of us. Death wasn’t part of the package until Eden according to history. Never deny yourself of the good things in life. Make memories, hold and treasure them cause that’s all you could ever be satisfied you did.

The man who does evil will die just like you but your good will live on for many years in the hearts of many. Keep an open mind whatever your belief cause at the end of the day, no one really wants to believe his faith is the wrong way to go. Wherever you find yourself, make a statement. However you can and whatever platform, put smiles on people’s faces and let them be glad they ever met you. Make your own mistakes, learn, get better and move on to the next level. Take every step as it comes and be positive about it. Keep your friends close and your family closer cause that’s where true joy comes from. Maybe fulfilling purpose is not always about the big achievements but those little things that puts smiles on faces. This is certain. We only need to adjust our minds a little. Be the best you can be today. This is Danny world…

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