Life is complicated they say. Well I say people are complicated. We all go through the same thing but in different ways. We all have one goal but different ways of going about them. We all know being good is good but some choose bad. We think the world is a wicked place but forget the world is made up of the same people. We all think love overrated but we still want to experience it. We all love success but hate on people who talk about their success. We feel they shouldn’t make a big deal out of it whereas we crave for it everyday.

We feel we can’t make mistakes other people made but seem to forget we all make our different mistakes. James can’t make the same mistake as Jane because he saw where Jane went wrong. Truth is, James could only see where Jane went wrong and avoid that path but it doesn’t mean James wouldn’t make his own mistakes along the line. We all scared of taking the road people took because of what it did to them and so we never take the shot. But in the end, we’re still gonna have to take that shot.

To do that, you’re also gonna fall as well cause you never saw your mistakes coming. You only saw people’s mistakes at the beginning but no one told you how you were going to fare at the middle neither did anyone guarantee you of how it was going to end. Truth is, we might not take this path but we all driving towards one destination which is success. You wonder why there are so many successful people in the world today but each of them have different success stories. Each and everyone of them had different stories to tell about how they got to where they are.

They all made mistakes at some point but each mistake they made was personal because they were also successful people before they became successful. Would you say they didn’t learn from them? Yeah they actually did learn from them but that didn’t stop them from making their own mistakes. There is no hard and fast rule to success as it’s different for everyone. The advisable thing to do is not to make the same mistakes others made cause that will only be an unnecessary repetition. The fact that you didn’t make Jane’s mistake doesn’t make you any smarter or better than her. You only did what was expected from everyone.

If we all are still gonna make mistakes then why we scared to take a shot? Learning from other people’s mistakes doesn’t stop your own experience from coming. It only delays it. You’re still gonna make that call in the end. You’re still gonna take that bold step. You’re still gonna have to love someone and have a relationship. You’re still gonna have sex at some point. You’re still gonna have a family. You’re still gonna have to take care of your family. Question is, how do you intend on going about it? The fact that Jane got pregnant after pre-marital sex doesn’t mean you’re not gonna get pregnant or even have pre-marital sex at some point. It means you figured out why Jane got pregnant and avoid why she got pregnant.

You see, Jane might have got pregnant because she didn’t use protection but yours might be different. Now you might avoid Jane’s mistake and you use protection perhaps you take some pills to avoid pregnancy. But we forget pregnancy is not the only side effect to pre-marital sex. We could also contact sexually transmitted diseases in the process. Sometimes if you even get pregnant, you take pills to flush it all out and in the end lose your womb. In the end, we all still gonna make our own mistakes. We all gonna have different stories to tell even though the goal is to grow at the end.

To get better, you’ve gotta learn better at every point in life. Learning from other people’s mistakes makes you a smart man but learning from experience makes you a better man. Mistakes are like deaths cause we never know when it’s gonna hit us. The difference is, we always get to come back from them and make adjustments. Now to some of you who think sitting back is gonna stop it from coming to you. You’re delaying it’s time. Sometimes we’ve gotta be willing to take that risk for the greater good. We should never be scared of making mistakes cause they are necessary for our growth in life. Mistakes make us. Truth is, as far as learning remains, mistakes will always happen. Don’t be afraid to take the shot today cause either way you’re still gonna have your flaws. The ride always gets rough along the line but we all drift differently to avoid the rough patches. Don’t be ashamed of your mistake either.

You’re just one out of many who made them so everyone’s actually guilty. You’re not the first neither are you going to be the last. At every point in life, learn from other people’s mistakes but be aware that people would also learn from yours as well. It’s what makes the world go round. So don’t be scared of taking that shot today cause it might be the opportunity for a breakthrough. At best you only minimize your mistakes but you can’t stop cause it’s not up to you. The good thing is, mistakes gives us an opportunity to learn and get better. It’s all for our good so maybe taking that shot is actually worth it. What do you think? We can always get better. This is Danny world…

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