The world is made up of a lot of people. The rich people, the poor, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, tall, short, black folks, white folks. The list is endless. But we are all just ordinary people who just want their lives to be better at every point in time. In the midst of all that, we are different people with different struggles. We’re people with different mindsets. We’re people with different perspectives about life. We’re people with different beliefs.

Everyone desires the perfect life and so we demand the best from people around us. We want everything to work for us at all times. Sometimes we feel people should act the way we do so we’re comfortable. But here’s what nobody tells you, life ain’t that easy. The only perfect place in our world today is the grave. As far as you breathe, you won’t always have your way with people or with life.

Life is filled with imperfections. Life is filled distractions, troubles, deviants, failed governments, fake friends, fake relationships, messed up families and haters. Sometimes you want everyone to think the way you do but that’s a far cry. You want people to feel about you just the way you feel about them but that’s a lie. You want people to talk the way you do but that’s never happening. You regret you were born into your family and wish for a change because you feel yours is messed up but that’s never happening as well.

You wish people would treat you just as nice as you treat them but you’re just alone. You wish for a very peaceful life void of troubles cause you’re that kind of person but that’s another lie. You wish you could always rest but you forget no one is gonna do your job. This is the world we’ve found ourselves today. A world that makes you doubt everything about yourself. A world that makes you forget where you came from. A world that puts your back against the wall. A world where we’re hurt by those who we love the most. Question is, will that change?

Families and friends turn their backs on one another. John turns his back on his best friend James after he got a lucrative job. He forgets the struggle they both went through before now. James never expected his friend’s actions and now he’s filled with rage. Jane’s jealous of her younger sister’s relationship with Jason and so she goes to poison the well. Now you’d ask where is the love?

People lying just so they don’t get caught. People robbing just because they wanna be feared. People having sex just to be able to brag among friends they’re not virgins. Virgins become judges of those who has had sex. People grabbing knowledge not to teach the next person but to intimidate the next person just to prove they know better. People dressing because they wanna look attractive not sensible. People betraying one another for power. People ready to kill for the money. Then you’d ask, can it be better?

In the end, it’s not a perfect world neither are the people and everything about them. Trust could be built for years between two people but shattered in seconds because you’re dealing with humans. So yeah, maybe the world’s a crazy place but it’s where we’ve found ourselves. There are no second chances. Families are messed up but we’re all we’ve got in the end.

The world’s messed up but we’re all we’ve got. Friends betray each other but we’re all we’ve got cause there is no guarantee the next friend you’re gonna meet is not going to betray you as well. As much as you hate your family, you can’t have another family so is our world today. It’s not perfect but it’s all we’ve got until death. This is our reality. This is life. You might frown at it but it’s not an option.

The point is, be ready to face the world head on expecting its complications and overcoming each one after the other. The odds are never going to be in your favour. Everything you’re gonna do will come at a price. Trust becomes the biggest gift to give someone. You’re imperfect so why expect the world you live in and people in it to be otherwise?

Our imperfections make us who we are and maybe changing that is really not up to us but our creator. Sometimes it’s sunshine. Other times the rains comes with the thunder storms. In the end, it’s a balanced weather. Today, it’s all good but tomorrow may just be hell on earth. Welcome to our idea of a perfect world. It’s not the best but it’s all we’ve got and so we keep going forward. This is Danny world…

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