Once upon a time, a man called Jones worked so hard for every penny he had as a businessman. He pumped in so much money and time into his clothing line business but made so little from it. Jones was frustrated after labouring in his business for over 5 years. Jones’ idea of a good businessman was purely hardwork. Then he met Jake, a young man who was full of ideas. Jake had never ventured into a major business. So he offered Jones his business ideas in exchange to become a partner in Jones’ line of business. Jones didn’t have much of a choice at that point so he agreed. Within months, Jones’ clothing line was making huge revenue. Today, Jones and Jake are partners and their clothing line is one of the biggest and most patronised in the country.

It tells you one thing, hardwork is good but smartwork is better. A man could LABOUR for years and things may not just be working out for him. It doesn’t mean he hasn’t be working. It means he hasn’t been pressing the right buttons. Now sometimes for you to be able to get to those right buttons, you need to first, get to the right people. Ideas rule the world not fist. You ask why are things not working out for me? It’s because sometimes we’ve refused to ask the right questions. Which is, what am I not doing right? Sometimes we should let our heads give our hands direction.

Great men never built their empires by toiling with their hands but by refining their thoughts. Asking the right QUESTIONS leads you to the right PLACES to the right PERSONS which eventually leads you to the right ANSWERS which is your desired level of success. If a man would think and make dollars in less than 3 months just with his head. It would take a much more longer time for a man to toil with his hands on the same business to make half. Time is a function how much we invest in it. Truth is, if I can invest a great deal of thinking and gain so much in such a little time, then I’m not only a wise man but a huge success. Mark Zuckerberg today, didn’t get to where he is as a billionaire working with his hands but with his brains. Why be full of prospects all your life? Sometimes people don’t wanna see prospects. They wanna see results. YOU want to see results. That’s how success is measured.

Being good is fine but why be good when I can be better? Successful men are thinkers not hard workers. A diligent man is WORTHY of the crown but a man diligent in refining his thoughts WEARS the crown. You’re not seeing progress because you’re not looking in the right places and asking the right questions. Sometimes we end up whining about how far we’ve come and how much time we’ve invested into a project yet progress seems minimal sometimes even distant. We should pause for a moment and think retrospectively. Since the inception of this project, I’ve been applying just this technique and yet no change. It tells me what I’m doing is not working so I’ve gotta change my methods not quit. Don’t be like Mr Jones. Like they say ‘never expect a different result when you keep on doing the same thing all the time.’

I’m saying we should employ the services of our brains not necessarily our hands. Strength doesn’t bring the crown but innovation does. Idea they say rules the world. Life’s not about how far but how much you’ve been able to accomplish in that time. In the world today, time is of great essence. Time will never wait for you to keep working until you produce results. Time will only benefit those who use it judiciously and are able to produce results. We have to be able to move from what SHOULD BE to what is NEEDED. We have to stop asking HOW when we should be asking WHY. Labour is not tied to how skilled you are physically but also how skilled you are mentally. How fast are you able to THINK? How can you think out of the norm or box and find a way to blossom.

The ABILITY for you to broaden your mental CAPACITY brings about the desired REALITY. It doesn’t always have to be the hard way. You know why? It’s because sometimes you may not survive to see the end. This is why a man will toil all his life just for one purpose and at the end of the day he dies and so does the purpose. He refused to changed his methods. He refused to change his mentality. There is always a better way around situations we find ourselves. Whatever you want to do. Do it the right way. And you know what the right way is? It’s the smart way. The smart way is the best way to the top. Use your HEAD and you’ll always be one step AHEAD in life. Labour wisely today. This is Danny world…

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