A warm welcome to y’all on hot topic today. Some hours ago, the minister of finance Kemi Adeosun came out to tell the senate committee on finance and Nigerians that 23,000 ghost workers and banks have been collecting salaries and bonuses from the federal government from the comfort of their beds without moving a muscle. She said these ghost workers have been conniving with the EFCC over the years which is explains why they’ve never been caught until now. Question is, how long have this been going on? If 23,000 non-government workers have been paid by the government over years, then it raises a lot of questions for the civil service administration. It means the records have not been properly kept. The government should have an organised database of its workers and those retired and entitled to pension. If on an average of 10 years, FG paid 23,000 ghost workers a sum of N500,000 every month. It means in a year, 23,000 people would have been paid N6million each. In 10 years, 23,000 would have been paid N60million each. It tells how much Nigeria has lost and why we’re in debt.

The big question for today is, do you think these 23,000 (all of them) ghost workers and banks will be apprehended, prosecuted and the funds will be recovered? Or could it just be another case swept under the carpet as usual? Share your thoughts today on the blog. Tell us what you think. Do you think these funds will be recovered? Drop your thoughts today. This is Danny world let’s talk…

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