Bruce Jenner’s daughter or would I say Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter Kylie Jenner wins the celebrity pic of the week this week on Danny world. The 17 year old reality star, socialite and model posted this beautiful picture of herself on instagram. The reality star who recently hit 30 million followers on instagram has raised eye brows in the public eye after posting pictures of her wearing a diamond ring on her left hand. This has brought up speculations that the 17 year old could be tying the knot with her 25 year old boyfriend Tyga.

This beautiful pic sees the beautiful Kylie dressed in a white gown and a nice curly dark hairstyle looking stunning as usual. The half sister to the Kardashian sisters will turn 18 in August and there have been much speculations that Tyga and Kylie might just be making it official come August 10.

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