They say ‘behind every successful man is a woman’ and I agree totally. But the society has undermined the importance of a woman. The society have made men seem so important they forget a man can only come out of a woman. The society have made women look more like sexmates than helpmates. The society have made women become victims of sexual harassment. The society have so victimised women who were raped than the rapists. Society has tagged teenage girls with babies as ‘irresponsible’ and never seem to care about the circumstances that led to that child.

But these teenage mothers see to it that their children are well taken care of irrespective of the circumstance or what the society thinks about them. A lot of women today have become victims of constant assault by their husbands and nothing seem to be done about it by the law especially in this part of the world where women are blamed for almost all misfortunes. The sacrifices of women in our world today can never be over-emphasized as they are ever vibrant towards the welfare of their household. This is why I feel bitter when these same children grow up and never seem to appreciate the effort of their mothers.

African women have become enslaved to being housewives while the men complain that their wives are not sexy so they go out to hunt for ‘sexy’ outside the home. A society where men cheat and blame the women for not being sexy five years after their marriage. This victimisation has to change because the world needs these women. The world needs women who will lead nations. The world needs women who will change the course of leadership. The world needs women who will uphold justice for all. The women will no longer be pushed aside when the benefits shows up and made important when the job is to be done.

A bad child will no longer be associated with the mother and a good child to the father. A house without a woman is like water being thrown in a basket. The sacrifices that women make should be regarded by the society not the other way round. Women should be idolised not victimised. The strength of a woman is not just in birth but in what she possesses and the gigantic impact she can make in the society.

All these will only change if the women will rise up to the occasion and set attainable and valued standards the world needs. Until the women take the bull by the horn, the bull will still function as a bull with a bad horn and never be called to order. It’s time to appreciate our women. It’s time to do what is right not what the society thinks is right. This is Danny world…

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