Does Body Count Matter?

Back with the hot topic!

Today on Danny world, we are going to be having the conversation about body counts and how it really affect decisions on relationships and ultimately, marriage.
Should it be a deal breaker?

We’d like to hear from both men and women’s perspective. Let’s have that conversation on the blog today. Body counts! Should it be a big deal? Does matter in choosing a partner?

It’s hot topic on Danny world. Let’s talk.

6 thoughts on “Does Body Count Matter?

  1. Hi Danny!

    I know it’s going to be expected in good conscience that body count shouldn’t matter but I’m aware it does. It matters that people might laugh at the fact that one got left with the “garbage”, the less than new, after they’ve all had their fill. It matters that one may feel used because I’m aware too that “most” of these body counts don’t happen intentionally, from the “Victim” perspective. It goes two ways from here though; Hatred to self or Victor gender (hence you hear guys are dogs and girls are cheap) and Narcissistic Love towards self or reserved Love towards one with good intention.

    So YES, I’ll say it’s a deal breaker for decisions but it shouldn’t be because I know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    It shouldn’t limit your choosing a partner that suits you nor should a big deal be made out of it once both understand each other.

    I believe It should make one treasure what’s genuine because they’ve had a taste of the falsified.

    Sorry I had to write long. E been dey pain me since… Lol.
    Thank you.


    1. Thank you for your view, Adaeze. Appreciate your comment.
      I share some of your sentiments.

      Although, I do not see anyone with body counts as a victim because in the end, it was a choice. It’s body counts not rape. Counts connote such an event happened more than once.

      I wanted make that clear a bit.


  2. Yes and No. Well yes if that’s your lifestyle and you see the opposite sex or whatever you are into as an object/objective to conquer.
    No if that’s just your story and you now value relationships.


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