Everyone of us make decisions in life. Everyone of us choose our own destiny because of the decisions we’ve taken at some point in our lives. Our choices has led each and everyone of us to wherever we are now. We make decisions everyday even unconsciously. Ever wondered why you take your bath every morning? It’s because you know it’s not only the right thing to do but because it’s benefits you. You can confidently walk pass someone and not be scared that person thinks you smell so bad.

Decisions are carefully thought actions taken based on the consequence. Consequence is the result of decisions or actions. Consequence is what makes a decision right or wrong. This certainly means that a decision itself is neither good or bad until the result shows up. It means we can never say it’s a ‘bad choice’ until we have proof that it is and that proof is only through the result of that choice.

The reason why you don’t drink or smoke is not because you see it as a bad choice but because the consequence of doing that doesn’t seem to benefit you instead it takes more from you and leaves you vulnerable. It means a decision might not be bad if it helps you at the end of the day. You call stealing a bad choice because your money was stolen but to the thief it might just be his only way of surviving. Now stealing only becomes a bad choice because it only makes the people (victims) sad. It is certainly a bad choice when it negates the laws of the land and whoever negates those laws is an offender of the law and certainly gets jail time.

Now if those consequences weren’t attached then maybe we wouldn’t call stealing a bad choice. Two teenage boys had different perceptions about school. The first one decides to go to school and get grades so he can work in a big firm one day making good money. Now the other decides to go learn a trade rather than go to school and so he goes into fashion designing. So they go their separate ways in life awaiting the results of their decisions.

Now to most people, the guy who decided to go to school made the right decision cause they think education is the only key to success. So to them, the other who decided to learn a trade made a wrong decision cause they think he’s only going to remain a mediocre. Now after 5 years, the fashion designer picks up his friend who studied for years on the street and tells him to hop in. The fashion designer had made it big in the business he was able to get an SUV jeep. On the other hand, his friend who went to school had been searching for jobs ever since he graduated.

So my question is, who then made the right decision? Both of them made choices and they both had results but only one of them benefited. So if the result is good then it was a good decision but if it turns out bad then you made a bad decision. So a decision itself is good until the results proves otherwise. My point is, let the consequence precede your actions and we all are responsible for the decisions we make whether good or bad. This is Danny world…

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