In the world we live in today, money has become the basic need to survive through life. Money has become a necessary evil which is very important but has also caused a lot of evil. Money sounds, feels and looks so good that we forgo other important needs of life just to pursue it. Money comes along with power, fame fortune and greed. Perhaps you wanna ask that how come something this nice and essential brings so much evil to world? Money has become too important that people kill to have it and will continue killing to stay there. Money has destroyed long term friendships, families and even relationships in our world today. Money has become so vital people can die for it and forget they won’t enjoy the money they died for. In the Nigerian setting, money is the only reason why a man would go to school for 16 years sometimes 18 or 20 years of his life just to have a shot at making money which is not even a guarantee.

Everyone needs money sometimes it becomes the only reason why some people live. Then you ask why is it so important? What makes it stand out from other extremely important things of life? Why is it so good and yet so bad? You don’t have peace finding it and you still don’t have peace having it. Money comes with expenditures and avenues to acquire more which keeps increasing the expenses daily. You think when you have the money your troubles are all over. You think when you have the money then you solve the other problems of life easily. You think when you have the money your purpose for life is met. Well, I’m sorry to tell you that it never ends. Money doesn’t solve all your problems it only increases them by one every time you solve one. The crazy thing about money is that we struggle to get it all our lives and enjoy it only for a short while which never amounts to the number of years we spent trying to acquire it. Sometimes you ask why kill to get this money when some people are just born into it.

Money has blinded the eyes of people so much so they think it’s true happiness and they forget the real happiness. Family, friendships, relationships, moments are all thrown to the gutter just because of money. We’re so focused on acquiring just a necessity of life and we forget life itself. People sell their souls for money and forget there is a world after here. It makes us keep fighting to keep enjoying so where is the happiness? Money brings greed which is why Bill Gates is never satisfied neither is Aliko Dangote or Donald Trump or even the Oprah’s of this world. They all want to make more to be something more. We all wanna get the latest cars, houses, girls and jewels but is that all about life? My point is, money is good but re-access your reasons for making it. Never allow money come between you and family, friendships and relationships cause those are all you really need to stay happy in life. Life may not seem great without money but it’s never a guarantee that life will be great with it. This is Danny world…

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