We all love to know what we look like and how we appear to others. We all want to look good to people and so we look in the mirror to always have an idea of what we look like. The mirror gives us a reflection of ourselves. The mirror gives us our exact appearance. It’s like a time which regulates our everyday activities. The mirror regulates our physical appearance. The mirrors tells you whether you look good or not. But there is something the mirror never tells us. The mirror only tells us what we look like but never tells us who we are. The mirror only tells us the outside but never tells us what’s on the inside. You might look good all the time but sometimes we never really good. We get carried away by always trying to look good for people and forget to look on the inside and make changes. You may look beautiful but you’re not beautiful on the inside which is what makes you.

If I want to look good then I should also be good. If I can make some adjustments to my face, hair or body just to come out perfect then I should also be able to make adjustments on my inside to be almost perfect. This is why we must always have time for reflection which is the ideal mirror which tells us who we are and what we represent. When we reflect, we bring out our worst and dust them to be better. This is the actual mirror we need. Sometimes we worry so much about our looks and forget to take care of what’s really important which is what people see in us. We care about how people see us instead of what they see in us. The mirror shows you but the mirror is not you. This is Danny world…

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