Sometimes we feel alone and we become sad about it we feel nobody cares about us. We feel alone cause the closest people to us doesn’t seem to bother about our troubles. We feel alone cause when we need people the most they just seem to never be there for us. Loneliness is the saddest place to be in life. It’s a pint where you seem to have no one. Being alone could even make you depressed. It’s like the rain, it clouds your mind with darkness and then strike out like a thunder pouring out like the waters and then your whole environment is affected. It’s like a desert where nothing happens. A place where surviving becomes invisible.

Sometimes it even makes you think life isn’t worth living anymore. Suddenly, you always see the worst in people because the people you seem to care about seem not to return the favour. Nothing feels right anymore cause now your thoughts are all filled hopelessness. But here is the truth, the actions of people shouldn’t be the sole reason for our happiness less we will never be happy.

People will always disappoint us. Situations will always wail us down. Conflicts will always arise. Friends or even family may betray us. Life will knock you down to the ground so hard getting seem insurmountable. But if we keep looking at these flaws then we only give them more chance to hurt us. People will not always be there for you but you must understand that your life doesn’t depend on it so you live your life. Maybe it’s high time you pursue your dreams and never drop it for anything or anybody in the world. You alone can make yourself happy.

A man once told ‘Do not be anxious for the inevitable’ whatever makes you feel sad is gonna pass and what you desire will surely come it’s just a matter of time. You’re never alone because God is always with you. You just need to let it all out and you’ll be fine again. When your heart is free life becomes easy to live. Sometimes the best way to deal with life is just to laugh through it. Life is too short make the most of it and be happy… This is Danny world.

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