Life…What is life? Is it just a man living for a couple of years on earth? Is it just a man going through the normal routine everyday? Is it just a man sleeping and waking up pursuing money? Is it just a man chasing after the wind? Is it just a man going to school to become educated which never guarantees him a job? Or is it just a man simply breathing yesterday and today he’s no more? Or perhaps it’s just about suffering for something and dying for nothing? Or is it just about getting married and having kids and then your kids take care of you when you’re old and then they go through the same routine? What’s life about? What’s actually it’s true essence? Were we all made to come here and live for a couple of years decided by a supreme being we never see and varnish anytime he deems fit? Were we all made to come live under uncertainty? What’s life about? Why are we even here?

Every single day, thousands of people work hard day and night just to find a means to survival all to nothing. We live in a world where the rich, the poor, the old, the young, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, every single bing on earth, we’ve all become subject to death. A world where even the most spiritual men and women of God are taken in seconds by the wind of death even when the bible has said ‘Ye shall not die’ and then you begin to ask yourself are you any better? What’s so special about you then? What’s life really about? You see on TV or hear on radio or read on the internet about killings and wars all over nations people dying everyday and then you ask yourself where is the love? You see people around you some who you are even older than leave the surface of the earth so quickly you don’t see it coming and then you ask yourself will I end up like this someday too? You see a child of 8 who dies and then you ask didn’t that child have a purpose? Then what’s life about? Is it really worth it?

Someone once said ‘when the purpose of a thing is unknown abuse is inevitable’ life is purpose and purpose is life. Life is about purpose. If I don’t know my purpose in life then life will never have a meaning to me. When you have a purpose in life and that purpose is achieved then you die gracefully because you know your life had an impact. We all might die someday but the difference between you and Mr.B is purpose. Positive impact is the major path to thread in life. The question shouldn’t be why he died? But what he died for? What will people say about you when you’re long gone? The only way to this purpose is to be directed by God’s ways. When a scientist creates a new machine, he knows what that machine is used for and how it should function and the world only knows when the scientist reveals the essence of the machine. Let’s face it, he created you so he knows why you were created so obviously he’s the one who knows your purpose. You want to find meaning to your existence? Ask him…. This is Danny world.

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