Overtime, society has made us believe to a large extent that relationship is sex oriented rather than understanding the true meaning of the word which ought to be ‘relationship oriented’. A relationship is that bond built overtime between two people which unites them as one. A relationship is a structure built on constant interaction and trust. A relationship is the only ship in the world with two sailors who work as one less the ship sinks. A relationship is a loving friendship sustained by complete trust. The focus today is on total trust in relationships which is really lacking in modern day relationships. Trust is total reliance on one’s person without doubts. One of the ways of building this trust is by being upfront and real with your partner. Now trust and relationship are two inseparable words. Relationship is the noun and trust is the verb. Relationship tells why you need to trust while trust tells how you need to trust. Now if relationship was to be a tree, trust would be the root while communication would be the branches and the stems that bear fruits which signifies a successful relationship.

To what extent do you trust your spouse? How do you see your partner? Do you tell him/her everything? How well do you trust that person? These are questions we must ask ourselves in relationships so we can redefine our approach towards relationship. You wonder why a lot of marriages experience divorce? It’s because the foundation of trust is very shallow which definitely corrupts the communication flow. This is why relationships now become a burden endured rather than a life enjoyed. When you don’t trust her she begins to find that trust in someone else. When she begins to confide in someone else then you’re selling her out. When the words of another woman become pleasing to his ears then you’re doomed. Her biggest secrets should be your greatest treasure. Perhaps you want to go into a relationship, my advice, build it on trust cause it’s all you need. You’re in a relationship? Talk to your partner redefine your relationship and put it on the right track so it doesn’t capitulate. The question is not if I trust my partner? but how well do I trust my partner? Trust eliminates insecurity which leads to break ups so why shouldn’t I just believe in my partner? This is Danny world…

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