Life’s experiences are like re-constructions. They shake you, break you, mode you, shape you and gives you a new look that makes a new you. The question is wouldn’t I rather go through that and become better? Think about it. Now if you never tasted hot food perhaps you wouldn’t know how hot a fire is. If I never got angry perhaps I wouldn’t have known sadness exist. If I never got injured perhaps I wouldn’t have known what blood looks like or what it is to feel pain. If I had never fell in love perhaps I wouldn’t have known how beautiful love is. If I had never fallen maybe I wouldn’t have known what it feels like to rise again. When you were a kid, all you knew was that food always came to your table but now as an adult you know why and how to get food to your table. It means you know better now. Perhaps if I never left Lagos I wouldn’t have known Texas was better. The truth is if I never went through those things I wouldn’t appreciate what I have now.

Some people complain they are not progressing but I want to ask if you weren’t progressing then how do you know what progressing feels like? You know this cause you’ve been moving from one spot to another even physically in terms of growth. You don’t notice cause you don’t think it’s a big deal but trust me it really is a big deal. Like they say, a little mistake here and a little mistake there makes experience. They maybe little but they are invisibly the biggest things that make us who we are in life. If I was in primary school 7 years back and now I’m in a tertiary institution, it means I’ve gained an experience of 7 years which will help me face my next 7 years and when that 7 years is done it prepares me for my next 7 years way after tertiary institution. This is what makes the world go round. Life is in phases and these phases are things we must go through to help us for the next. Wonder why sometimes you wish you knew the things you know now growing up? Yeah I do too. But the truth is, if you knew these things growing up then you wouldn’t appreciate life now cause you would have lived your adulthood in your childhood. We learn everyday we get better everyday and we grow everyday but we never see it but they are the most important things in life. This is Danny world!

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