A warm welcome to y’all on Danny world. Today on hot topics, we’re going to be discussing a very debatable topic one I’m sure y’all would want to share a thought or two. Now let me paint the picture a bit for you to have a clearer view of what I’m talking about. Now you’re working in big firm and you were given an ultimatum by your boss to submit a major assignment of which you had to travel to put together in three days. This is worth lots of millions. Now failure to submit this report within the ultimatum warrants a job termination. Now within this same period, you were given the mantle to minister the word to the church on the day your report is supposed to be submitted. Now it’s a case of priority which would you rather turn up for? Would you go with the report and keep your job while you fail the church and God? Or would you rather go to the church and lose your job? Which will be more benefiting at this point? The church or your job? That’s the topic for today on Danny world. Drop your thoughts on this one.

One thought on “THE CHURCH OR YOUR JOB?

  1. Fantastic topic bro.. first of all the job was given to me by God so in this situation I would go for the ministry…. who knows another job could be waiting for me.


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