Lionel Andres Messi is known as the best player of this generation and we’re indeed privileged to have seen him play. At 27, Messi have scored over 400 goals in his career, 4 ballon d’or trophies, two champions league titles, won the under-20 world cup, an olympic gold medalist, a world cup finalist, 5 liga titles in just 7 years, he’s won the copa del rey, a club world cup winner, UEFA super cup winner, Spanish super cup winner and lots more. This young Argentine has definitely got all the laurels in football except the world cup which has eluded him coming so close in the just concluded FIFA world cup in Brazil 2014. Lionel Messi’s Argentina were beaten by champions Germany 1-nil after a late strike from forward Mario Gotze. Now some people have come to compare him to the great Pele of Brazil, Diego Maradona of Argentina, Ronaldinho, Marco Van Bastern and the likes in recent times. All these great won the world cup and so it’s become the criteria to being tagged the greatest player of all time. Should this be the criteria? At 27, Messi has done this great for football as he’s graced the grass with his dazzling runs, dribbles, skillful displays and incredible goals over the years and he’s not even retired yet. The big question is, with all these achievements do you think Messi deserves to be called the greatest player of all time? We’re talking football on the show today share your thoughts. Should Messi be called the greatest player of all time? Tell us what you think today on Danny world.

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