People say relationships are hard to keep and so it’s just too much work. But then let me ask, is there anything good in life that doesn’t involve work? Oh well..People always try to make up excuses for not making things happen. Relationship is a good thing and so it should be worth fighting for. If things came easy to you then you won’t appreciate it much cause you didn’t stress. But if you worked hard for it then you will appreciate it even more cause it came with a price. To have a working relationship you have to be ready to work to achieve that designed happiness. There is no man without a challenge and each challenge is a test which you are meant to pass cause you have the ability you just need to tap in. It’s exactly the same in a relationship cause relationships also have challenges and they can also been conquered. Challenges makes you stronger as well as relationships. Some people quit after a little shake up cause they don’t realize challenges are supposed to happen and so we can get passed them.

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