A good day to you all and indeed it’s a new month one that promises to be great. Now today on Danny world we will be having a very important personality on the show and when I say ‘important’ I mean really important in every sense of the word. A man who has the interest of the students at heart. A man whose top priority is the welfare of the students. He’s the president of the Nigerian University Accounting Students Association (NUASA) UNIBEN. Danny World caught up with OTHEREMU DESMOND and here is how the interview went. Find out the true story behind the uproar at the faculty level. Enjoy the show.

Danny: So I have with me here Otheremu Desmond the incumbent president of the accounting association NUASA in the University of Benin. Mr president you’re welcome to the show.
Desmond: Thank you very much I’m glad to be here.
Danny: So Desmond, please tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Desmond?
Desmond: Desmond is a 300 level Accounting student. I’m the president of the Nigerian University Accounting Students Association (NUASA) one who cares a lot about what he does. I’m from Delta state, Isoko North to be precise. I’m from a family of four the third child and first son of the family. To the best of my ability, I’ve represented my family well. Desmond also has someone close to his heart very special I must say…
Danny: Hmmm close to your heart? Please tell us about her.
Desmond: Hahaha let’s say I like to keep my private life private.
Danny: At least we now know Desmond has someone already. So for the ladies, back out Desmond is in a relationship sorry.
Desmond: Hahaha
Danny: It’s been two weeks now since you became president. How do you feel being the president?
Desmond: When I woke up after the elections the next morning, I felt like wow finally I made this happen. This was something I always wanted to do right from the day I was admitted in this school. I felt really fulfilled
Danny: Hmmm has anything changed?
Desmond: Before now, I get to air my views freely but now I know the responsibility I carry and so I control my speeches. From the first meeting I knew how difficult the job would be but it’s something we can work out… So Desmond is still Desmond not much difference but now I have the interest of the Accounting students as top priority. I can still trek if I want to, soak garri and moi-moi if I want to… anything at all LOL
Danny: LOL What are the plans you have for this association?
Desmond: I’ve always said our association can be better than this. We’re working hard to build a NUASA that cares about academics, a NUASA that encourages social activities for interaction, cares about the welfare of the students and take its rightful place at the faculty and school level as a whole.
Danny: Hmmm cool… Now what do you think you’ll do differently from other past presidents?
Desmond: Accountability is the first thing. Presidents before now were not accountable. They were not able to account for the steps they took in office. The receipts and payments were not accounted for and this is what I must change. We’ll make sure every transaction is properly checked. Other presidents also spent money frivolously and that has to change. I believe power reside with people who put me here not to some certain people or Godfathers who tend to exploit students.
Danny: Hmmm alright then. Now rumours have been flying around that there has been a lot of uproar at the faculty level against NUASA. That there is a coalition between the two other departments (Banking & Finance and Business Administration) to sideline Accounting. How would you react to that Mr President?
Desmond: Hmmm it’s partly true. Every person at that stakeholders meeting came to represent the interest of their departments and so did I. Yes, there was an uproar but after the meeting was brought to a close, I met with the other presidents and we talked about everything and how we can right our wrongs in the next meeting. One thing I promise accounting students is that, as far as Desmond remains the president of NUASA, the interest of accounting students will never be pushed aside.
Danny: So you heard it from the president ‘your interest will never be pushed aside’ Some say it’s just been two weeks and you’re already having problems and it looks like you’re not capable of doing the job. What say you?
Desmond: Hmmm I would say be careful with what they say about their leader and they should get their facts right. If you say fighting for your interest is not capable enough…then you’re making a mistake… I don’t know what they’ve heard but for those that were present at the meeting that day,they will tell you that whatever I did was for the interest of the accounting students. Some things just need to be done the right way and that’s what we’re fighting for. I would advice they go get their facts right.
Danny: Yo heard! Go get your facts right he says. Now what are the steps you’re taking to bring back normalcy at MASSA?
Desmond: Like I said before, the presidents have met and talked about this. There was a time I heard that accounting students shouldn’t pay faculty dues and then I sent my PRO to correct that information and tell students to pay their faculty dues cause they need the dues to work. As a faculty, we all have to be rational in fighting for our interests cause at the end we are together. Students might be feeling there is no normalcy but we’ve met and talked there is no fight I can assure you. The next stakeholders meeting will be held and things are being put in place for it to be held rightly. There is normalcy.
Danny: Hmmm so you heard from the president himself there is normalcy so you can relax. Alright, just a question though, do you think an SUG president can come out from this department in your reign?
Desmond: Hmmm for the presidential position we don’t have any aspirant but we do have aspirants for Vice President, Director of Finance and Director of Sports. We’re doing our best to make sure at least these positions are attained and putting things in place to do that. But it’s not a do or die affair cause if it doesn’t happen in my tenure, we’ll make sure the next government have a good foundation in place to make this happen.
Danny: Fantastic. Last question, for the 100 level students, they want to know when their freshers welcome party will be coming up?
Desmond: LOL okay. I made a promise before now that the freshers welcome party will hold a week after matriculation and that promise still stands and that’s an assurance from me. So if there is no freshers welcome party a week after matriculation then you can hold me responsible.
Danny: Mm-mmm so guys you heard it from the president. Your freshers welcome party will come up a week after matriculation so yeah fingers crossed.
Desmond: LOL
Danny: Thank you sir for coming on Danny world
Desmond: You’re welcome
Danny: Any last words maybe to those listening or reading about you right now?
Desmond: Okay. To all accounting students, please join hands with your president to push NUASA forward. A divided house cannot stand, those who voted for me or not should please join hands with me and give the president your full support. Thank you.
Danny: Join hands with the president. Well that’s been the show for today and we’ve been speaking to the president of NUASA Otheremu Desmond. Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did? This is Danny world!


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