Good day guys and you’re welcome to Danny world. Now today on Danny world we’re gonna be looking at an interesting story one I’m sure you would have a thing or two to say about. Danny caught up with this individual and she narrated her story. Cynthia is a hardworking young lady who wanted her elder sister to get married to her pastor. Cynthia’s elder sister is overly ripe for marriage and she feels she can’t get married when her elder sister is not married and so she wanted to aid this situation. She believed her pastor was the right choice for her sister and so she tried to match-make them. Danny world caught with Cynthia and here is what she had to say.

‘I’m Cynthia and I run a wholesale store and by his grace I work for my money. My elder sister is not married and my tradition states that she is supposed to get married before me and this was delaying my own plans of getting married. My sister is in late 20’s and the pressure from home is mounting on her and these days the men were not forthcoming. So I said to myself that I was gonna help her. Early this year, I went to my pastor who I knew was trustworthy and I perceived that as a pastor he was the right man for my sister. When I told my pastor about my sister he took it well and then called for a meeting with my sister. My pastor liked her but he complained of finances at that time and so it was gonna take time before they could get married. I didn’t like the idea since it was gonna bring delay so I offered to sponsor the wedding which I regret today. Sponsoring that wedding was my biggest mistake and it started the whole sad story.

I made that promise to my pastor and so I started working towards that. My earnings were now shared into two. Any money I made I gave half to my pastor all for planning the wedding. I did this for four months continually and I raised up a decent amount of money and gave it to my pastor. My pastor was very happy that I had helped…I didn’t want my sister to know this because of some obvious reasons. So we started making plans for the wedding which was a month away. While I was planning for my sister’s wedding, my pastor on the other hand was planning a different thing entirely. Two weeks later my pastor traveled supposedly. He told me he was going for pastoral duties so I understood. My pastor never cam back after that. A friend called me some days later and said she heard my pastor who was supposed to be doing pastoral duties was getting married. I was shocked and I told her to text me the venue of the wedding and it was actually in town. At this point, my pastor was already on the alter with his wife to be which wasn’t my sister. I had difficulties locating the venue so it took me a whole lot of time to get there. By the time I got there the wedding was over and they were already married. I was furious I couldn’t believe that a man who I trusted so much a pastor could betray my trust. I made a scene at that wedding I threw stones at the car broke the car’s glasses but it wasn’t enough to stop the what was done already. I cried a lot that day when I got home. I gave my pastor money to marry sister instead he used my money to get married to someone else. It was a wasted invested that beats me today…This is my story.’

Wow! I mean a pastor doing that? That’s really shocking. Now I’m gonna save my thoughts on this one and let you guys dwell on this. What do you make up of Cynthia’s story? What do you think about the pastor? I wanna hear your thoughts right here on Danny world. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.


  1. Hmmmmm!This is really bad,for a so called pastor to perpetuate dis act,for Cynthia dis is a lesson for u to learn from and I pray God replenish ur pocket and bless u and ur sis with good husband respectively…If nt for God something worst wud ve happened,so be thankful.


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