A relationship is a synchronization of both partners qualities for the benefit of them both. A relationship is a ship were two people work together to sail. The reason is if one person sails the ship will sink deep down the ocean. A relationship is two working in unison. This is how a relationship is supposed to be but what will have these days is onemanship where one partner keeps giving and the other is always on the receiving end. These days giving as much as you get doesn’t always work out and this is because one partner feels the other must always be the one giving out. Sometimes we expect more from the ones we love without actually thinking of what will can do for that person we claim we love. Most times the ladies expect the guys to always come up with the ideas, money, dates or even conversations. The ladies will be like ‘since he’s the guy so he has gotta come up with cash or take me out on a treat or something’ which is actually a wrong perception of a relationship. So you see a situation where the guy is always doing everything just to please his woman who is not returning that gesture then the guy begins to feel alone in a supposed relationship. Then you start hearing things like ‘I’m not feeling this relationship…’ Of course you won’t begrudge that cause obviously he wants more from his partner. Most ladies are like their man must be muscular, tall, handsome, caring, romantic and stuffs like that but they forget to ask themselves what kind of woman do I want to be to my man? As humans, sometimes we get selfish which is unavoidable but when it comes to a relationship it’s not about you alone anymore. You don’t have to wait for him to always make that first move when you can equally do the same. You say to your man ‘hey I wanna take you out on a dinner tonight..’ you know stuffs like make your relationship beautiful. Men are as emotional as women the only difference is the men keep it on the inside. This goes for the men too, don’t expect your woman to do it alone. Don’t expect her to always do everything in the relationship when you can equally do the same. It’s a relationship not a onemanship. Be there for her as much as she can be there for you. It should be a case of giving as much as you get not just receiving all the time. Learn to share the roles in a while. Make your relationship beautiful today….


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