People keep asking how do I find my talent? Now I used to be that naïve then. First of all, let’s define what we mean by talent. Talent is a gift given to every human by the creator. A talent is that exception quality you have inside of you which sometimes is not visible to you. Talents are those things you do with ease without struggle those things that gives you joy. Talents are your strong points. Talents make things happen for you. Now I wonder how people still keep asking what their talent is? When it’s crystal clear to them but they’re just being blind or ignorant to that fact. From those definitions, you would clearly see that talents are really not difficult to find you just need to look within. We’re gonna be looking at talents today on Danny world. How to discover your talent and how to work with those talents? How those talents can be your source of income? Now here is the low down.

In case you’re still in the dark about your talent. In case you’re one of those still asking this question. Danny has got something for you. Here is what you need.
1. WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? When you know what makes you happy finding your talent becomes very easy. It could be singing, dancing, playing instruments, writing, playing soccer or something but you just have to know what makes you happy.

2. YOUR STRONG POINT- There are some things you can do better than anyone else around you. Some things that even when someone wakes you up in the middle of night to talk about or do you can do it with little or no effort.

3. WATCH CLOSELY- Now you’ve known what makes you happy and your strong points, watch yourself closely. Now the reason why people don’t know what their talents are, is because they’ve not been able observe how they performed in those things they do. When you observe, realization sets in and you’re like ‘oh so I actually had this all these while’ that’s how you know.

Now you’ve discovered your talent and you’re like how do I use what I have? Now finding the talent is one thing, working with the talent is another thing. Sometimes people find this talent and don’t make good use of it. When you do that it’s like you never found the talent. You want to work with your talent. Here is what you do.
1. DO IT OFTEN- Now they say practice makes perfect. When you keep doing it you become so good that when you don’t practice for a day you don’t feel good about it. Constant practice makes you good at what you do.

2. LOOK FOR A PLATFORM- Some people have these talents but have nowhere to express these talents for people to see. Throw yourself at the slightest opportunity you get to show yourself. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be big. It’s only when people see what you can offer before the applause can come in.

3. CREATE VALUE- Now people are have seen this talent now attach value to it. By value I mean a price tag such that you can now make figures from what you’re good at. When people enjoy what you do they would want to pay more to keep enjoying what you do.

True value is actually not in the figures but inner satisfaction you’ve got doing what makes you happy. The question is have you found yours? You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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